Sunset 45: July “Starry Eyed” Box

Hello beauties!

Sunset 45 is a new subscription service that offers accessories and beauty products around a certain theme. After checking their boxes out on a few blogs, I was immediately smitten. $30 + $5 in shipping sounded pretty fair for total box value of $100 in Little Luxuries.

I got their July box shortly after my June one, I guess because I signed up at the end of June for their subscription. I was not going to complain because I ripped into my July box like a rabid animal. (Just being real, OK.)

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

Stella earrings, Hailee drop earrings, and Adrell lash starter kit.

Stella earrings, Hailee drop earrings, and Adrell lash starter kit.

I was a little bummed that I only got 3 products in this box, because after the June box I had got it in my head that I would be getting 5-6. However, they mention 3-6 products on their website, so it was really just my child-like excitement that confused me.

And, I actually really do like all 3 of these products. I never would have picked any out in the store myself. (Which is why I sign up for boxes like this, to pretend that I have good taste, when in fact I DO NOT.)

Information card, and false eyelashes taunting me.

Information card, and false eyelashes taunting me.

Here’s the card telling me more about my Classics box. I did email them to see if I could try a Lavish box next month, I didn’t hear back, but we shall see.

The Ardell starter falsie kit looks fantastic for beginners, and like something that I really, really need. Unlike the rest of the universe, I have only worn falsies ONCE, when I did a photoshoot. I now feel like this kit is challenging me to attempt them on my own. The eye lashes are taunting my lack of makeup skills like, “Get your shit together, girl.” (I have a good imagination.)

Anyway, I plan to try this out soon, and share the probable hilarious results with the internet.



Stella Earrings.

At first I was thinking these were kind of boring. However, when I put them on I really enjoyed the subtle, sophisticated touch they added to my outfit. I got a lot of compliments on them, and I’ve now been using them in both casual and going-out looks.

(Also let’s take another moment, to admire the fantastic boxes Sunset 45 sends their jewelry in. Container addict, here, NO SHAME.)

Hailee drop earrings.

Hailee drop earrings.

No matter how hard I tried to capture the sparkly-ness, (yes, it’s a word now), of the Hailee earrings on camera, I failed. These guys are super shiny drop earrings that are perfect for a date night or girl’s night out. Again, I think these are fantastic for adding a subtle bit of glamour to my outfits. I actually think these will be great for an upcoming wedding I’m in.

Overall, I really liked my Sunset 45 box again. This new company has impressed me with their quality so far, and I’m excited to see what else they come up with.

Their $35 box includes enough products, that I feel like it’s worth it for beer budget beauties trying to expand their accessory collection without breaking the bank.

Question/s of the Day:
-Have you tried Sunset 45 yet? Will you tell me all about what you get if you do? (I love stalking other people’s boxes, because they are different!)
-Have you mastered the art of falsies?
-Have you been incorporating the star trend into your looks at all? (Jem has.)

I will never miss a moment to reference Jem.

I will never miss a moment to reference Jem.



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