Sunset 45: June “Tribal” Box

Hello Beauties!

Sunset 45 is a new subscription service that offers accessories and beauty products around a certain theme. After checking their boxes out on a few blogs, I was immediately smitten. $30 + $5 in shipping sounded pretty fair for total box value of $100 in Little Luxuries.

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Beauty on a Beer Budget

Hello Beauties!

As a full time professional in a humanities field, and a part time grad student, I’ve learned a lot about being frugal and saving money. Other than my house, I am currently debt free. I live pretty cheaply, but I do often have some beauty splurges. The following tips are how I make it all work.

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Nude ‘Tude Week: A Round Up of My Favorite Tutorials

Hello Beauties,

You are about to get a real taste of my new blogging skills as I attempt to upload pictures…in technicolor!

But first!

As someone who is a beginner in makeup, I rely on the internet A LOT for help. Video tutorials are my favorite because I can watch, pause, and go, “Ohhhh….it’s a windshield motion….”.

So, I wanted to put all of my favorite Nude ‘Tude tutorials in one place! I hope this helps some other makeup newbies.

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TheBalm’s Nude ‘Tude Week!

Good morning Beauties!

One thing I’ve noticed with a makeup addiction is I love buying new shit. It’s a cheap thrill getting my little hands on some new lipstick or blush. (Maybe I need to look into this addiction, DON’T JUDGE OK) Anyways, because I usually have a steady influx of new makeup, I can forget some of the greats. For the next few weeks I’m going to devote a week to a palette I haven’t been in touch with for a while. This week it’s TheBalm’s Nude ‘Tude. Admittedly, a delightfully priced palette that I was able to get for 50% off when they had a flash sale, placing it at about $16 bucks. (Seriously friends, I never pay full price for TheBalm,and other similar mid-range brands-but look for another post on that soon!)

I went with the "Nice" option as to not frighten coworkers when traveling.

I went with the “Nice” option as to not frighten coworkers when traveling.

Poor Nude’ Tude. It’s a great palette in it’s own right, lovely colors with great pigmentation and a nice range of nudes. But I usually pass it up for other nude-ish palettes (COUGH The Chocolate Bar COUGH). NudeTudePan NOT SO THIS WEEK! I am going to lavish love on the Nude ‘Tude palette and come up with an eye look everyday! Some will be my own creation (God help us) and some will be inspired by internet tutorials-which I will reference. So hold on to your seats friends, it’s going to be a week with Nude ‘Tude!

Feel free to share your favorite Nude ‘Tude look in the comments!




Hello Beauties!

My name is Rebs. So I’m completely new to blogging, but I feel like my makeup addiction should be used for good…

You see, I adore buying makeup: drugstore, high end, it doesn’t matter, I love it all. I just recently developed this addiction as a coping mechanism for grad school (UGH).

I’m still learning all the basics of makeup, but I am here to share with you my favorite products and my not-so-favorites. As a grad student I’ve also learned a bunch of tricks for getting makeup for cheap. As my collection and style evolve, I’m hoping to be able to share my new knowledge with the internet world. (And avoid working on my thesis.)

Anyways, if you enjoy makeup and snark, I might have something for you!

If you have any tips on beauty or blogging for this newbie lady feel free to email me, message me, or leave a comment. I love feedback!