Happy Hour: Halloween Beauty and Beer

Hey friends!

Happy Halloween!

In case you haven’t notice, I kinda love holidays. Sometimes Mr. Danger and I make up our own because we feel like life is more fun when you have something to celebrate. That being said, there was no way I could NOT make this Happy Hour post Halloween themed.

Honestly, my Halloween costumes/plans are pretty lame this year. (Can you believe I’ve had very little time/money/graduation on my mind, and haven’t put much effort into costumes? Well, it’s true.) In the past I’ve had some good ones.

Shout out: 2012 Ms. Frizzle costume! (With Mr. Danger as Darwin-don't ask)

Shout out to 2012 Ms. Frizzle costume! (With Mr. Danger as Darwin-don’t ask)

This year I think I’m just going to my favorite beer place and I will probably be going as glitter. That’s right for Halloween, I’m going to be glitter. It will be great.

Now if you’re feeling more ambitious than me, that is good news! I have the perfect Halloween beer for you, as well as some fun, cheap Halloween makeup for a last minute costume!

happy hour

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Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet: October 2014

Hey friends!

Just in time for Halloween, my Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet showed up last week! I was already impressed with their September subscription, (which you can check out here), and I just keep getting more pleased with this subscription.

First of all, these eye shadows are amazing and so are the extra lip products that seem to be included in each subscription. Second, there’s a theme each month-and I love me a good theme. Third, it’s $12.90 a month, which is not bad for all the product you get!

There is a wait list at this moment for the subscription, but I would follow Notoriously Morbid on Facebook for more info on any openings.

Anyway, if you’re interested in what comes in one of these little dudes, check out this month’s Walking Dead themed bag!

I've been waiting for a chance to use that font.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that font.

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sixteen92 Fall Collection: Review

Hey friends!

I’m almost done with my reviews of the indie perfume autumn collections! Just in time for their Yule collections to come out!

Today’s review comes from a fairly new company, sixteen92. I had heard great things about this shop and I had to try. Claire, the owner, runs the shop through Etsy and obviously takes a lot of pride in her products. The branding and imagery of sixteen92 doesn’t look like a new company, but rather one that’s experienced and polished.

.I ordered my Fall Collection on September 16th, it shipped on September 22nd and showed up in its new home with me on the 24th. That’s about a 2 week turnaround time, which is fairly normal in the indie world.

8 scents came in the Fall Collection, and though I didn’t love them all, they were all very different and interesting!

sixteen92 fall collection

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Happy Hour: 7 Budget Rose Gold Shadows and Dogfish Head Punkin

Hey friends!

This will be publishing a little late because someone had to take a nap.

And that someone is me. (I don’t have kids if that’s what you were thinking.)

It’s been one of those weeks. Not a bad week, just the kind of week where you spill coffee on your curtains, clean dog vomit out of your bed, and spill 32 ounces of water in your nightstand, kind of week. We’ve all been there. I think.

Anyway, my best friend is coming in town tonight so it will be all good in the neighborhood.

For this week’s Happy Hour, I wanted to share 7 of my favorite rose gold eye shadows that are all under $8! These shades range from copperish to pinky champagne, but they are all beautiful and cheap.

I’m also switching things up on you and sharing Mr. Danger’s favorite pumpkin beer! Don’t worry, he has good taste.

So let’s keep Happy Hour going all weekend!

rose gold eyeshadowWow that is a lot of eye shadow!

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Alchemic Muse: Autumn Collection

Hey friends!

If you don’t love indie perfume reviews, (and you should because indie perfumes are where it’s at), you might want to skip this post. No worries, I’ll see you, Friday for Happy Hour, it’s cool.

But if you do want to know about Alchemic Muse’s Autumn Collection, I hope to be of service to you.

In my quest to know everything about indie perfume, I set off to try Alchemic Muse next. I had heard good things and she’s been around several years now, so I felt confident this would be another good stop for a beginner

Indeed, I only meant to order 3 samples from Alchemic Muse’s Autumn Collection, but somehow that 3 samples turned into 9 and a body whip, which cost me about $30 bones with shipping. Ooops. I guess there are worse vices to have than perfume oils.

Without further ado:

alchemic muse autumn collection

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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag: October 2014

Hey friends!

Taking a little paper writing break here, because I had to share my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, (mini size, $12), from this month.

It was very good! It made me re-affirm that this is a subscription I will be keeping around. (Some have been on the chopping block as I start to save up money for Christmas gifts, but RH-you’re safe.)

Also as you guys know, I’ve kinda been in a grad school funk lately, so receiving a great package always lifts my mood. (So does buying lots of makeup-but I’m sticking to my budget!) And this Rainbow Honey delivery made me smile and sniff everything.

Okay, I will stop rambling, and share the goods:

rainbow honey mystery bag october 2014

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Mini Review: Sugar and Spite Bathery

Hey friends!

I wanted to post this review ASAP because I just realized Halloween is in less than two weeks! I don’t know how this happened! I haven’t even gotten to watch my traditional Halloween films, Hocus Pocus and Ernest Scared Stupid Yet. Classic films of greatness, people.

So, seasonal stress aside, I wanted to review some of Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Halloween scents before it was too late, because they are pretty good. Also you can get a sampler box for $12 with shipping, so it’s not going to break the bank!

Also their themed packaging is super thoughtful and perfect for Halloween!

sugar and spite bathery

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Happy Hour: NYX Simply Lip Cream and Shipyard Pumpkinhead

Hey friends!

I did not forget you! If you recall from this post, thesis has eaten my life and I’m on a Friday-only posting schedule for the time being!

I’ve actually been talking myself out of blogging all week. (AKA falling asleep the minute I get out of work/class). I have so much makeup and budget tricks to talk about, and I have to write grad school papers, instead! (Much to the pain of those surrounding me, Mr. Danger is getting very tired of my eye shadow primer analysis/theory I’ve been telling him all about.)

Anyway, I’m being good for now, but if I get some free time this weekend I don’t know if I will be able to resist the siren call of swatching and sharing. For example: My Rainbow Honey Bag for October was awesome, I have to show you. It’s for your own good. Really.

This week the Happy Hour Pumpkin Beer Fest of 2014 continues with a lighter pumpkin beer, I picked this one out specifically for craft beer beginners or those of you who mentioned you’re not sure of how to get into beer. This will be your gateway pumpkin beer!

Also I finally grabbed some NYX Simply Vamp and Simply Red Lip Creams, and you might need these in your life.

nyx simply cream

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Solstice Scents: Autumn Collection Review

Hey friends!

So I spent some time debating if I was going to do any reviews of the indie perfume world I’ve dived head first into after getting a small sample in one of my subscriptions. About a month ago I didn’t know much about mainstream perfume, let alone the wide and varied range of indies.

However, in the interest of “adding to the literature” on indie perfumes, I decided to go ahead and review. (I’ve been doing too much lit review for my thesis, and it’s showing). Before purchasing any of my perfume samples, I did a bunch of google research, (more fun than thesis research), to see what I would like and not like. While there are a handful of awesome bloggers reviewing these kinds of scents, sometimes it was hard to find impressions on specific scents or brands. Hopefully I can help fill in that void!

So for my first indie perfume review, I picked a well-established brand, Solstice Scents. Given the time of year, and my love of seasonal themes, I jumped right in with their Autumn Collection (Part I, apparently).

Here’s what I thought:

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