Happy Hour: 3 MLBB Matte Lipsticks and Great Divide’s Hibernation Ale

Hey friends!

It’s super cold where I live!

This is highly unusual this time of year, so I am very excited. It actually feels like fall/winter!

So I abandoned all plans of fall beers, (AKA I drank them before I remembered to photograph them), and I’m jumping straight into winter! For the next month or so I’ll be featuring winter and holiday beers, and eventually a few of my favorite stouts and porters that taste fabulous this time of year.

I’m also trying to feature some makeup products I love during the winter and holiday months, so hopefully all of that will get you into the season.

Also, I’ll plan ahead better so there won’t be creeper owls every Happy Hour. (Spur of the moment idea=creeper owls.) So no worries.

beautyonabeerbudgetThere he is.

Makeup Product of the Week: Favorite Matte Lipsticks in a “My Lips But Better” Shade

So I’m weird and I like to wear matte lipsticks in the fall and winter. (You know, the driest months of the year.) I’m also a bit strange in that my MLBB shades are rose mauves. Pinks and nudes make me look like I’m dying of a strange virus or have become a zombie. Surely, I’m not the only lady out there with this skin tone, but just in case I am, I included some lighter and dark options as well.

Wet n Wild "Rose to Fame, NYX "Cannes", and Revlon "Sultry", Creepy Owl "Hector"

Wet n Wild “Rose to Fame, NYX “Cannes”, and Revlon “Sultry”, Creepy Owl “Hector”

Wet n’ Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in “Rose to Fame”, $2- This is a very flattering rose color that I think could work on anyone’s skin tone. Since it’s $2, it also doesn’t hurt to try! This lasts a few hours on me without touch ups, but it does come off when eating and drinking. It’s light weight, but a bit sticky on application, however the color pay off is great.

Lighter Option: “Bare it All”-A classic nude
Darker Option: “Coming in Latte”-Mid-tone brown

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Cannes”-$6 I have a love/hate with the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I love the color selection and the way they smell. However. Some of them don’t last that long on me and feather away. This is not the case with Cannes, it’s the closest to my actual lip shade, (a muted mauve, according to NYX) and fades away nicely after a few hours.

Lighter Option:”Stockholm”:mid-tone beige pink
Darker Option: I don’t think there is anything darker in the Soft Matte Lip Creams, but in the Matte Lipsticks there is “Maison”, a milk chocolate brown.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in “Sultry” $6-7 This is the darkest of the three shades, but it’s really pretty. It’s more of a plummy brown, but still could pass a darker MLBB lipstick on me. This balm is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and the crayon-like applicator makes it super easy to apply. This isn’t a stain like the Kissable Balm Stains, but it lasted a few hours on me.

Lighter Option: “Complex”- peachy nude
Darker Option: Not really a great one, but “Shamless”-deep purple

Top to Bottom: Wet N Wild "Rose to Fame", NYX "Cannes" and Revlon, "Sultry"

Top to Bottom: Wet N Wild “Rose to Fame”, NYX “Cannes” and Revlon, “Sultry”

That’s what my lips look like basically. But on my arm. Makes sense.

Beer of the Week: Great Divide’s Hibernation Ale
IMG_8027First, I’m going to admit total bias when I say: I love Great Divide. I visited them when I was in Denver, and I never wanted to leave:

We wanted to move in. That's normal.

We wanted to move in. That’s normal.

I personally am a fan of the Yeti beers, but I also enjoy trying out their other offerings, and I am a big fan of Hibernation Ale.

First off, for an old ale this is super chocolatey and creamy, with just a hint of caramel. Don’t be fulled by these notes though, there’s definitely a bit of malt and smoky bitterness in the background, like a nutty coffee. All these flavors comes together to make a nice, balanced beer for me. It just tastes like something you’d want to drink around a fire on a cold winter night.

I would say that this beer may not be the best for beginners. At 8.7% ABV, you can kinda taste the alcohol, and it’s fairly dark. However, if you enjoy a nice dark beer, specifically a stout or old ale, you’ll be pleased with Hibernation Ale. If you’re interested in pairing it with good, I think this is a perfect beer to balance a rich meal, like a holiday dinner.

IMG_8029Creeper owl likes lipstick and beer.

Next week we’ll tackle some more winter beers and my favorite matte lipsticks in fun colors (i.e. the nonwork colors! Red, berry, and more!)

I hope you guys have a great weekend! I’m going to get started testing out some more beers for the blog. WINK.

Questions of the Day:
-What would you consider your MLBB shade? True nude? Pink? Mauve?
-Are you embracing winter? Or are you still in fall mode where you live?



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