Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet: November 2014

Hey friends!

Two posts in one day!? My, I am behind on posting and desperately trying to catch up industrious and productive!

I’ve got a new feature I’m trying out tomorrow, so I was trying to get all my subscription reviews for the month taken care of. Let me tell you, my arms were looking pretty glittery after all those swatches.

Anyway, I always seem to get Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet later in the month and I have to make myself not peak at other people’s reviews, because I like the surprise. However, every month it seems it’s completely worth the wait, because I’ve been super pleased with every VC I’ve gotten from them.

The Vanishing Cabinet costs about $13 a month, and it is a reoccurring subscription. Unfortunately, at this time there is a wait list. However, I believe the Notoriously Morbid owners are going to be opening more spots next month. These ladies have a good thing going on, so I’m not at all surprised by the popularity the Vanishing Cabinet has gained. They usually do have overstocks of some of their VC eye shadows for sale on their website, if you really need to get your hands on a shade.

This month the theme was DeadLove, based on the Sookie Stackhouse books. (Not the show, bless those NM ladies.) I happened to start reading these books when I was but a young, nerdy girl of 15, and they hold a special place in my heart making this months’ VC even more fun.

If you’re curious what kind of items come each month or you just want to drool over some shimmery, gorgeous eye shadow, OR you want to know my opinions on Sookie’s boyfriends, look no further!

Why yes, that is my 2001 copy of the first Sookie book. I'm a nerd, friends.

Why yes, that is my 2001 copy of the first Sookie book. I’m a nerd, friends.

I like that they included a plastic coffin, it’s a good tie in with the theme. I also got some candy, but Mr. Danger ate it STAT.

This month’s products were all eye shadows, which at first I was slightly bummed about, (because I’ve been loving their lip products,) but then I took a look at the shadows and everything was good in the world.

I ordered the eye shadows of Sookie’s worst to best love interests. Important info to have, people.

Quinn: A master of ceremony with eyes the color of pansies. A soft purple with blue/green, red and purple shimmer. 

Notoriously Morbid "Quinn"

Notoriously Morbid “Quinn”

Quinn makes a way better eye shadow than book character, (I always imaged him looking like Mr. Clean in my mind and wearing parachute pants like MC Hammer). This shadow is lovely; it’s mostly purple but there are subtle blue green shimmers that make it more than just another purple shade. One of my favorites this month.

Compton-Like the dusty gray of a confederate uniform with its tarnished gold buttons, this shadow represents Bill’s nobility and honor.

Notoriously Morbid, "Compton"

Notoriously Morbid, “Compton”

This shade really does look like tarnished metal. It’s a brassy, almost olive green color, and it’s really interesting. I will definitely be trying this out in a look. Also: Booo, Bill.

Merlotte-warm toned, soft purple with a strong wine red and an even stronger gold shift and shimmer. This color is passionate and compelling, subtle yet bold. Much like its namesake.

Notoriously Morbid, "Merlotte"

Notoriously Morbid, “Merlotte”

I liked Sam in the first few books, but he got boring and annoying to me as the series went on. However, his eye shadow is just brilliant. It’s a gorgeous neutral color, a soft brown with a bit of a red lean, with a subtle gold shimmer. It’s like a neutral with a twist, I can wear it to work but still feel sparkly and pretty. One of my favorites.

Swatches of Quinn, Compton, and Merlotte. I grouped them all together because they are the lesser of Sookie’s love interests. Again, important info.

Top to Bottom: Quinn, Compton, and Merlotte

Top to Bottom: Quinn, Compton, and Merlotte. Quinn and Merlotte are soooooo pretty.

Northman-A bloody mess of sexy everywhere he goes. A darkened burgundy with purple and red shimmer. 

Notoriously Morbid, "Northman"

Notoriously Morbid, “Northman” Half of that is blurry because I said so.

I’m totally Team Eric, (and it appears the Notoriously Morbid ladies are too, good taste ladies!) as the series went on his character had some weird developments, but he will forever be on my fictional boyfriend list. (Do other people have these, please say yes.)

As an eye shadow, this is a unique, beautiful shade. It’s a deep red/purple base with a pretty red shimmer. I think it will be a perfect shade for the holidays.

Don’t Think So Loud-Sookie can hear everything you think, so think quietly. A soft bubblegum pink with blue and pink sparkles.

Notoriously Morbid, "Don't Think So Loud"

Notoriously Morbid, “Don’t Think So Loud”

Sookie always had the worst outfits in the books, and she didn’t care that tanning is very bad for your skin, but I like her as a protagonist. She’s a bubbly, fun character and her eye shadow is very much in line with that thought.

This came out peachy with light blue sparkles on my skin, and I’m not sure how to incorporate it into my eye looks yet, but I love it, so it’s happening.

I swatched Sookie and Eric together. As it should be. (Really, I think I could make a look out of these two shades together, they almost have a sunset quality going on.)

"Northman" and "Don't Think So Loud"

“Northman” and “Don’t Think So Loud” And copious amounts of my arm. Enjoy.

Then we got the bonus Sneak Peak for next month and a bonus sample from GDE!

Extras, well hello GDE!

Extras, well hello GDE!

Fairy Royalty- Dark olive green base with a lots of copper glitter. This was made by Glamour Doll Eyes and is available in full size on their storeenvy site. I really like this shade, but it’s a bit too dark green for me to use daily, so I’m going to stick to my sample size.

Mittens for Michael- This seems to be a mauvey purple shade with gold shimmers, really pretty. I am racking my brain for what this could be a teaser for. My first thought was the Office, but that seems like an odd place for this specific company to go. We will see!

These two are swatched on the bottom of my arm in the next picture. I didn’t do close ups because, well, you’ll see.

The bottom two are what happen when you don't swatch responsibly.

The bottom two are what happen when you don’t swatch responsibly.

So yeah, all 5 of these shadows hit it out of the park. And the GDE was a nice touch.

PS: I’m keeping my Bill and Eric shades in the coffin together, because I always really thought Sookie should have ended up on her own. By the end of the book series all the dudes were kinda jerks. I was all for the independent lady ending. (And I know you all came to this blog for my opinions on this, so enjoy!)

PPS: There was no Alcide eye shadow. YEP.

DeadLove Collection, image by Notoriously Morbid.

DeadLove Collection, image by Notoriously Morbid.

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this collection?
-What do you think of Sookie’s love interests?
-Which team are you on?



PS: I’ll be back tomorrow with a new feature I’m testing out!

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