Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet: December 2014

Hey friends!

I think the best part of the holidays is a lot of my friends and family come back in town. Tonight, I’m leaving the house to see a friend who’s visiting and I am very excited! Naturally, my first thought was: But how will I do my eye makeup?

Perhaps, I shall pull from my December Vanishing Cabinet from Notoriously Morbid! This subscription is about $13 a month, and comes with several eye shadows and usually a blush or lip product. Each month there is a different theme, and this month we have Merry Monsters!

Notoriously Morbid has consistently been one of my favorite subscriptions. You can check out my past reviews here, here, and here!

Now let’s find out what’s in the stocking!

notoriously morbid December vanishing cabinet

I got this package after work and was too excited to wait until better lighting to open it.


IMG_9389That was a lot of stuff shoved in a tiny stocking. We have a blush, a lipgloss mini, and 4 mini eye shadows!


I also think the Merry Monsters artwork is pretty cute. Especially because I am giant weenie who is scared of horror movies and had nightmares last night because the blush reminded me of The Exorcist. Seriously. I’m the biggest chicken EVER.

Anyway, I always think Notoriously Morbid has some of the most creative eye shadows on the indie block. These Merry Monster eye shadows definitely do not lack for good names!

notoriously morbid eye shadows december VC

So I am going to be brave for this review. I will focus on the eye shadows and not the terrifying monsters! I couldn’t find any descriptions for these eye shadows anywhere, so you will get my expert opinion.

First we have, Choo-Choo for Chucky. This is a shimmery peach with pink rose gold undertones. This is a really pretty neutral color that could be used in a lot of versatile looks.

Choo-Choo for Chucky

Choo-Choo for Chucky

choo-choo for chuckyFringe Coat for Freddie- This is the most glittery brown eye shadow I’ve ever seen. Of course, I love it. It’s a reddish brown with gold glitter and it’s an eyeful! I’m thinking about wearing it out tonight because, glitter.IMG_9335Fringe for FreddieJammies for Jason- This is shimmery gray shadow with green sparkles. At first I thought this looked somewhat similair to Pray I’m Dead from the Walking Dead VC. However, I compared this side by side and this is much lighter.  I actually think these two shadows could go together to make an easy smokey eye look.IMG_9338Jammies for JasonMittens for Michael- This is a plum purple with a bit of sparkle. I love me a good purple, and this is pretty, and very, very purple. I’m actually thinking it might make a cool eyeliner color, too. IMG_9342mittens for michaelRouge for Regan- The first blush that has ever given me a nightmare. (I have a very overactive imagination.) This blush is a super purple plum mauve. It might be a bit too dark for my skin, but it’s kinda a neat color and it does blend out nicely. I’m tempted to try it out as an eye shadow. IMG_9346

rouge for regan

Unblended on top and blended on the bottom.

Lipgloss for Leatherface- This is a dark plum brown lipgloss. It’s a little vampier than I usually go, but a light hand application makes it just look like a nice plummy lipstick as opposed to vampy. It takes a few coats to achieve opacity, but it wears very comfortably and doesn’t dry out my lips. I really like this product and hope they come out with more shades.


lipgloss for leatherfaceOverall: Last month’s VC was amaaaaaazing, so I knew this month it would be hard to top it. However, I think all of these shadows have potential, especially Fringe Coat for Freddie, which I’ve decided I’m wearing out tonight. Mr. Danger was a big fan of the lipgloss too, he’s already asked when I’m wearing it again.

So while this didn’t top the DeadLove box, this was still an awesome month and I know these shadows will get a workout from now until January. Again, I feel $12 for all of these products is a great deal, so I’m happy with the value and quality.

At this time there is a wait list for the VC, but subscription slots are supposedly opening up in January!

Image by Notoriously Morbid

Image by Notoriously Morbid

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this month’s Vanishing Cabinet?
-Have you ever had a makeup based nightmare?







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