6 Popular ColourPop Lippie Stix: Review

Hey friends!

My mommy is the coolest and picked up some ColourPop Lippie Stix for me for Christmas! (If you are just joining me, I’m in my late twenties, by the way. I just have a cool mommy.)

She grabbed some of their most popular shades in the Lippie Stix. (I do not like the word, lippie, but Colourpop gets a pass.) Since she’s also a budget-savvy lady, she bought 6 Lippie Stix for $30, (as their $5 each), and got the free shipping! A wise woman, indeed.

I’ve reviewed Colourpop’s Holiday Lipstick Collection, Forget the Fruitcake here, but this is my first time trying on their general shades. I was excited to test some of their best selling lipsticks!

colourpop popular lippie stix


Lumiere, Frida. I Heart This, Bossy, Bichette, and LBB

I was in the mood for berries and plummy shades for the winter, and I was still on the hunt for the perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. My mom made it happen!

The haul:

colourpop most popular lippie stixLumiere: A dusty mauve pink in a matte finish
This is a bit too mauve-y to be my MLBB, but it does make for a soft, pretty lip.
colourpop lumiere swatchFrida: A warm mid tone nude pink
I’m like Goldilocks, this shade is a bit too pink to be my MLBB shade, but it will make a great pink to pair with my dark eye looks.

colourpop frida swatch

By the way, if you were curious about how ColourPop’s deep nude shades compare, I made this for you:

colourpop compare brink lumiere friday Unfortunately, none work as a true MLBB shade for me, but they’re all still pretty nudes and look nice.

BossyClassic blue red in a matte finish.
On my skin this leans more red-fuschia. It’s a cool, bright color though.

colourpop swatch bossyI Heart This-Red based fuchsia in a matte finish.
This is an awesome deep pink fuchsia on me, it’s more of a summery color, but I like it.

colourpop I Heart This swatch

Bichette- Deep red wine in a matte finish.
This is a gorgeous red-plum color and it makes a lovely dramatic lip that you can pair with a soft neutral eye.

colourpop bichette swatch

LBB-Rich plum wine in a matte finish
This is an absolutely perfect deep berry shade. You can see in the picture I had some issues with application, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. Love this color, though!

Colourpop LBB swatchA rogue’s gallery of pretty shades:

colourpop lippie stix swatch

I love all the colors in this order, but I do want to break down some of the pros and cons I have with the Lippie Stix in general.

Cons: I noticed this after using the Forget the Fruitcake set for awhile, but these do not apply that great for me, they are very sticky. That could be my dry lips this time of year, but I find they lack that creamy, smooth texture of my other favorite lipsticks.

The Lippie Stix are also very unforgiving if you have dry lips, and will settle in lines, especially with the darker colors. I have to make sure I’ve exfoliated and moisturized before I use them. They also bleed a bit, which I know could be fixed if I bought the Lippie Pencils, but I’m lazy and expect my lipstick to work without a liner.

Overall, not my favorite texture or application for lip products, but….

Pros: The colors are lovely and pigmented. ColourPop has an amazing catalog of shades available and they are opaque with one to two swipes of product.

Despite being tricky for me to apply, the Lippie Stix are very lightweight and long lasting once I get them on. I can wear them while eating or drinking and they last about 4 hours on me before reapplying.

And they are $5 bucks each. Which is a really great deal.

I still absolutely love ColourPop’s eye shadows, but I’m on the fence about purchasing more Lippie Stix. Well, at least until winter is over, and my lips aren’t so dry and angry about the formula. Some of their reds and corals look beautiful, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist an order for the spring.

To be continued….

Questions of the Day:

-What’s your experience with the ColourPop Lippie Stix?
-Do you have any tips to help me apply them better?
-My lips have never been this hateful before, any tips on caring for randomly dry and chapped lips?



11 thoughts on “6 Popular ColourPop Lippie Stix: Review

  1. Brink looks perfect for work I totally agree! It’s a shame that they bleed, I hate applying lip-liner and therefore avoid products that require it. In your experience, is the bleeding noticeable with Brink since it’s so natural looking??

    • No, I only had bleeding with the darker shades like LBB and Bichette, and it was very faint. Not enough for me to get any lip liner, but just something I’ll remember to keep any eye on when I wear them.
      The lighter shades were wayyy easier to work with in general.

  2. Omg these are so beautiful! Lumiere looks gorgeous, but I’m well into the darker shades as well. I usually like dry lipsticks because they maintain that matte look on the lips, which I love, but I know what you mean, It’s really a struggle during the winter. Keep your chopstick close xx

    • Their colors really are amazing! I’m definitely moisturizing like crazy because I want to wear the Lippie Stix without looking like my lips are falling off! I think once the weather gets less dry where I live, they’ll probably work better for me. Then it will be time for reds and corals. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you got to try these! We have so many of the same shades, too! I dislike LBB (how it goes on, not the color) but Bichette is my favorite red ever!

    • Bichette was sooooo pretty, I just need my lips to stop being evil and dried out! Have you tried any of their reds or corals? I was checking out Frenchie and maybe Brunch or Chi-Chi for the Spring…

  4. I’m tempted to buy Lumiere because it’s KathleenLights’s creation, but it’s also beautiful! For the dry lips, I recommend applying a thick layer of balm and then exfoliating, then applying ore balm immediately afterward.

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