Subscription Sunday: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-March 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Sunday going? I’m not enjoying the jump ahead in Daylight Savings Time, so I’ve been protesting by taking a nap.

Today I’ve got my Aromaleigh March Ephemera Box to share with you! This has easily become one of my favorite subscriptions in the course of it’s first three months. I love the quality and color of the products we’ve been getting, and using them all in a look has been a fun little project for me.

This month’s Norse mythology themed box might be my favorite so far, Check it out below!

aromaleigh ephemera box february

All the technical things:

This subscription is about $18 a month and so far we’ve been receiving at least 4 products, plus samples. (Although they aren’t always promised, they’re more of a happy surprise.). At the moment you have to enter into a lottery system to be able to get a slot in the subscription, as spaces are very limited.

However, there are limited quantities of January’s Ephemera overstocks on sale now at the Aromaleigh website! So you do have a chance to grab any singles that caught your eye! February’s overstocks will be released in April, and March’s in May.

You can read about previous Ephemera Boxes here. 

All of the lovely things:

This month’s theme was Norse mythology, which I thought was very cool. Greek mythology gets all the love, but Norse mythology is very fascinating, (and sometimes slightly bizarre, but never boring!)

aromaleigh ephemera box march 2015

I always love the small, adorable packaging of these boxes. It really looks like a present, which just adds to the fun of getting this subscription.

aromaleigh info cardAs always, we got our very helpful and well designed info card. PS: Now I want to watch this Vikings show she talks about in the card. I love me some History channel.

Products: The color theme this month was, “slyvan and subdued”, and very much made me think of dark forests and earth.

Ragnarok- A deep, warm reddish brown with gold/green interference shimmer. 

ragnarokWe got a sample of this in last month’s box, and I loved it then, but because I am a good friend I let my friend keep the sample.

So, I was very happy to have Ragnarok in my hands again! It’s a lovely brown, leaning red-copper, but it’s the perfect balance without being too coppery. (Which I never like with my eye color.) It’s very easy to blend and I love it swatched over Glitter Fix for a deep shimmer.

Valhalla- A soft pale weathered gold with strong blue interference sparkle.

valhallaValhalla is the perfect name for this glowing gold shadow. For some reason, I have a special love for neutrals with blue shimmer, I just love them. This also pairs beautifully with Ragnarok.

Yggdrasil-A midtone heathered green with copper interference shimmer


This is such a neat color. I’m very picky about my green eye shadows, but I like the pine green shade of this. It looks like a dark forest to me, and comes across very smokey on the eyes.

Valkyrie Rouge- An easy-wear, soft warm rose shade. Your cheeks but better.

Valkyrie BlushThis is way more pigmented than I thought it would be! A little bit definitely goes a long way. When I get the right amount down, the blush does add a nice rosey flush to my cheeks. I also swatched it over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion because I was interested to see how it might look as an eye shadow. And in the look picture down below, I also used it over lip balm as a lip color, so it’s a very versatile product.

Kiss my Sass Cosmetics’ Sheer Lip Graze in “Daydream”- Sheer pale pink glowkiss my sass daydream lip glaze

This smells like peppermint and gives my lips a little tingle. It’s a pretty sticky formula, and the color doesn’t show up at all. (Which I expected because it’s a sheer pink color.) I’m interested in trying a darker color in this glaze, though.

I might also try Valkyrie patted over this. I’ll let you know how that experiment turns out.

Bonus Samples:
Next month’s sneak peak:
next month's sample aromaleigh
I’m excited this looks like a deep plum-pink color with a bit of green shimmer. April is supposed to be themed around an Ancient Roman festival, so I have a feeling I’m going to get schooled.

Carina from the Galactic Collection:
carina shade
I’m still playing around with what base I like best with Carina. I think I’m going to settle on doing a layer over Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, (as show in my above picture), and then pat on some Glitter Fix with another layer of shadow over that.

Either way this is a gorgeous purple-blue duochrome. It’s incredibly cool and unique, and I’m excited to see what else comes out in the Galactic collection.

Look: Ragnarok on the lid, Valhalla in the crease, on the brow and inner corner, Yggdrasil foiled as eyeliner

ragnarok look

My whole faceeeee: Valkeyrie on the cheeks and patted over my lip balm to use as a lip color


Welcome to my makeup studio. And please help my hair.

I have SO many more looks I want to try with these colors. I want to do a smokey eye with Ragnarok and Yggdrasil. I also want to do another look with Valhalla on the lid. And I want to make Yggdrasil an eyeliner for ever, because it’s such a cool green color.

I could go on for awhile. Which is awesome, I love when my subscription boxes light up my creativity and inspire me to try new things. Plus these colors are so muted I’ll be able to use them at work, which is a bonus!

march ephemera box

Overall: I love the natural forest tone colors in this month’s subscription. They’re very versatile and I’m inspired to try more looks! We might have a contender for Best Subscription of the Month here!

I recently won a giveaway of Aromaleigh’s More Human Than Human Collection (YASSS.) and I hope to share those swatches with you guys this week, along with some other cool new products!

So until tomorrow, friends! Have a lovely weekend!



Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this month’s Ephemera Box?
-How would you use these colors?
-Got a favorite Norse mythology character?







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