Special Guest Post: Stitch Fix Review

Hey friends!

How are you on this disgustingly short Monday? (I’m not over DST yet, sorry.)

Today I have a special guest poster, one of my dearest friends, L. She offered to share her Stitch Fix review with me, and since I spend all my money on makeup and perfume instead of clothes, I thought this would be a great change of pace!

I myself have tried Stitch Fix a couple of times and found them to be hit or miss. If you get a good box, well, you saved time and effort shopping, and you probably got some nice items at a less expensive retail value. But if you get a box that’s not great, or just meh, you’re out $20. (And as a budget blogger and grad student, I feel for $20. I can do so much with $20.)

However, L, has had pretty good experiences with Stitch Fix, and I do envy her clothing from them. So she decided to roll the Stitch Fix dice again and she’s here today to share her box with us.

Check out what she got!

stitch fix review


PS: Neither L or myself are affiliated with Stitch Fix, we are just ladies who like to receive things in the mail.

Technical stuff:
Stitch Fix is a company that will send you a curated package of clothing or accessories. You take a quiz about your style preferences and can include notes to your stylist about the kind of fix you want. You can even pick the date of when you would like to receive your fix.

Your stylist will then pick 5 items out for you that will be delivered to your doorstep. You try on your items, keep what you want and mail back the rest in an already paid for mail bag.

You do pay a $20 styling fee for receiving your package, but this can be deducted from the price of any clothing item you pick. (If you don’t pick anything, you are just out $20). You can also get a 25% discount for buying all the pieces in a box.

Good stuff:

L would like to apologize for her pictures in advance because she was sick when she took them. My thought was, “Girl, why are you trying on clothes when you are sick? Go lay down.” But I guess she felt she had a duty to fulfill.

L says:

For my 6th fix, I requested tops to wear for my upcoming trip to New York City that could double as “going out” tops because I honestly do not know how to dress myself for a night out. I also requested a blanket cardigan, and I pinned several on my dedicated Stitch Fix board (https://www.pinterest.com/laurenweiner/stitch-fix/). I also requested my stylist from my previous fix, Barrett, because that was the best box I’ve ever gotten. Here’s what I got this time:

Stitch Fix Back ZipEight Sixty Clairemont Back-Zip Blouse – $48
This is a cute top that I could see myself wearing to work or for a night out. It’s dressy but comfortable and the back-zip is a fun detail. I’d have to wear a cami under it because the armholes were too big, which is always a problem for me with sleeveless pieces. Ultimately I decided to send this back because it wasn’t a 10, and I’m trying to only buy 10s these days. Return. 

She looks so terrified here!

She looks so terrified here!

Fate Hawan Cowl Neck Knit Top – $48
On the style card, this looked great. Unfortunately, this was wrong on so many levels. First, the entire back is sheer white. Second, there’s a panel of sheer white where the cowl neck is. WHY? And third, it was waaaaay too small. Like I had to get help getting it off me small. Like this shirt is creating fat rolls I didn’t know I had small. RETURN.
Renee C Santorini Crew Neck Blouse – $44
My mom said this looked like something she’d buy for herself at Kohl’s that I’d make her take back. Once it was on me, we didn’t really hate it, but we agreed it was too boxy and the print was too busy. Also, it’s cut too small in the shoulders and I can’t move my arms in it, so back it goes! Return.
Laila Jayde Aldez Asymmetric Sleeveless Tee – $48
Basic with a twist is basically everything I look for in a top. It’s 50% cotton and 50% modal, so it’s super soft and comfortable. It’s also made in the USA which is an added bonus. I like that it’s interesting enough to wear with jeans and flats but basic enough that I can use it as a blank canvas for accessories. I wish it was easier to photograph the detail of the asymmetric part but trust me, it’s cooler in person. Keep!
cardigan (1)
Fate Artesia Drape Front Cardian – $58
So like I said, I asked for a blanket cardigan. I pinned several images of what I was looking for and they’re all neutral, open, flowy, and warm. And most of them even have those words written in the caption. What I got was a linen blend summer cardigan. Which fair enough, in the fashion world it’s already spring. Regardless, this was way too tight on me so it went back. Return.


Overall this fix was a bust. Barrett treated me really well last time. I kept every item and wear them all regularly. They fit me great, make my body look great, make me feel great.

But Barrett betrayed me.

This fix made me feel fat and horrible. I’m not gonna lie, I gained weight since my last fix, but I changed my weight in my style profile and even made a note about it. So it felt like a slap in the face to be sent all these items in an XS and for them to not fit. I’m grateful that at least one of them did and I discovered a great new brand, but wow. This was not the fun experience Stitch Fix has been in the past.

Stitch Fix and I are not breaking up. Their strongest point is customer service, and I know they will make it right for me. I had a bad fix in the past and they refunded my styling fee. I don’t expect that this time since I did keep an item, but I imagine they’ll reach out in some way. Here are some items I’ve gotten from previous fixes to prove they aren’t all horrible:


Update 3/6: Stitch Fix reached out to L and waived her $20 styling fee as a consolation for not loving her box. She’s definitely right about great customer service!

Now is a great time to try Stitch Fix because new users can get their first box for free with the code: RISKFREEMARCH
I’ve included L’s referral link if you are interested in trying your very own Stitch Fix box.


If you use the link she’ll get $25 in credit, and may return to grace us with more of this:

Can you guys tell I love her? She's wonderful.

Can you guys tell I love her? She’s wonderful.

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of L’s Stitch Fix?
-Have you tried Stitch Fix? What was your experience?
-Will L kill me for including the last picture?



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