Subscription Saturday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ March OTM

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday going? I was supposed to go to an event at a local brewery today and it got rained out. I am very sad about this because now I might have to actually be productive. No. No. No.

Anyway, in good news, I was lucky enough to grab an available one month OTM from Glamour Doll Eyes, and I am here to share it with you today!

So let’s check it out!

glamour doll eyes OTM march 2015


Technical stuff: 

The Glamour Doll Eyes OTM is a $10 subscription that is sold in 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 month sets (12 month is sold out though). To get a subscription you have to enter your name into a lottery system. At the moment there are only 20 slots open for April, so myself and others will be crossing our fingers to get picked!

1 month subscriptions and the Color of the Month are available for purchase on the 8th, but they sell out pretty fast! Since April will be on a work day, I’m kinda worried I won’t be able to get one, but I’ll do my best!

My March subscription shipped on March 13th, and it was delivered on the 17th.

Good Stuff: The theme this month was the TV show, Pretty Little Liars. I tried to get into PLL, but despite my love of teen soap operas, it just didn’t have enough vampires or werewolves to really hold my interest. (Love you Teen Wolf!)

glamour doll eyes march otm

Though I don’t have a special interest in this show, I’ve really enjoyed the design and packaging on the OTM’s this year, and this month’s was no exception. I also saw that one of my favorite indie bloggers was featured as the model this month! Hey Evolution of a Foodie! I feel like I need her autograph now.

gde OTM info card

Color of the Month: Ezria-Navy blue base with a slight emerald sheen and plethora of rose sparkles

glamour dolls otm ezria

Left half of swatch over GDE Glitter Fix, the right half is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Super close up shot on bottom right.

So due to a discussion I lurked on over at reddit’s Indiemakeupandmore, I’m going to try out swatching over two different primers for awhile. We’ll see if that drives me bananas or not.

Anyway, this is a vibrant deep blue-purple with lots of pink sparkles. It’s a really pretty color, though I don’t know how much I’ll get to use it. Over Glitter Fix, the glitter comes out a lot more, and over regular primer, the blue base appears a bit deeper.

Eyeball Look: GDE OTM Ezria

I put Be My Anchor over the first half of my eyelid, and Ezria over the second half, both layered on Glitter Fix. I blended in the middle to get a more gradual effect, and then threw Naked in the crease and Sin on the brow, from the UD Naked palette. Then I sloppily lined with e.l.f.’s Cream Eyeliner, because I was not having it with eyeliner today.

I also would like to foil Ezria as an eyeliner, and use it all over the lid with a pink in the crease for a dramatic going out color. I’ve got plans, people.

Shh…Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Sheer Lip Glaze-Sheer Lip Glaze in Light Rose Gold

shh kiss my sass lip glazeI tried the sheer lip glaze formula this month in my Aromaleigh Ephemera Box, so I was already familiar with it. I don’t have much interest in sheer glossy products, but I do think this is a nice formula. It has a bit of a peppermint tingle, smells nice, and is not too sticky. I also like that I got a full size with a wand, which makes for easier application. I wouldn’t mind trying this in a darker color, but sheer is just not for me.

Miss Adoro Lashes- Made with 100% human hair and are easy and light to wearMiss Adoro LashesI’ve worn false eyelashes exactly once in my life. I love the way they look, but hate the way they feel. I’m not sure I’ll keep these, but they look like they are nice quality. (Although excuse my ignorance here, but I’m kinda creeped out by applying someone else’s hair to my eyeballs. Is this typical in false lashes?)

Overall: I think Ezria is a really beautiful color, and I hope I can find more situations to wear it in. (Dark blue is just not a daily use color for me unfortunately.) It was definitely my favorite product in this box. While I liked the lip glaze and false eyelashes, I’m not really seeing myself being able to use them, and I’ll probably pass them on.

For more Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM Reviews, check out my previous months!

PS: Next month’s theme is “Crazy Cat Lady”, and I’m so hoping I can grab a box. There’s a lot of potential with that theme.

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s OTM?
-How skilled are you in false eyelash use?
-Did anyone see those butterscotch candies and think, “I found these butterscotch candies in my pocket! They just appeared!” (I may have binge watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

See you tomorrow for Subscription Sunday!




2 thoughts on “Subscription Saturday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ March OTM

    • The phrase “human hair” just creeps me out in general. I’m not sure there is a positive way to use it. Despite my personal issues, I’m sure this is a lovely brand, I’m just not a fake eyelash user. 🙂

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