Subscription Saturday: Native War Paints Monthly Box-May 2015

Hey friends!

Happy Saturday! By the time you read this, I will hopefully be celebrating running a 5K and not crying in the middle of a flower field that I didn’t finish a 5k. We will see what happens at my Flower Run.

Today I have a new subscription box I grabbed from Native War Paints, a indie nail polish and beauty company. I have never actually ordered from Native War Paints, but I follow them intensely on Instagram and always find myself yearning for their glittery polish. I figured trying out a subscription with them would be a great way to learn more about their products.

So check out what I got!

native war paints monthly box


Technical Information: Native War Paints is a nail polish and indie beauty company. This is their first time offering a subscription, and since I can’t really afford their normal $9-$11 nail polish, this sounded like a great way to save money and try something new.

The subscription was a very limited release of about 15 boxes, but I believe they will be adding more in the next round. I paid $17.50 with shipping for this subscription, and each month we are supposed to receive 2 full size polishes and 1 mini. Considering their normal polishes are about $10 each, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I purchased the subscription on May 1, it shipped May 5th, and I got it May 7th. So it was a pretty fast TAT.

Good Stuff: 

Native War Paints MonthlyThis month’s theme was The Avengers! Everything arrived bubble wrapped and safe. There is no is no info card on these polishes so you will have to bare with me on descriptions.

The First Avenger- Cerulean blue with sparkles, looks like a creme finish.

The First Avenger

This formula was a bit tricky at first, it went on kinda streaky. By the second coat things were getting a little better. This is a pretty opaque blue with subtle sparkles, I think it will be a fun summer color.

You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry – bright green jelly with green and purple glitter

Angry Polish

I don’t have anything like this in my polish stash- and yeah it’s a bit out there when compared to more classic polish, but I kinda want to give it a try. Maybe on my toenails? I like the concept of this polish but I don’t know how often I can actually wear it.

Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist- gold and red glitter topper

Playboy Polish

This is the little mini that came with this month and it’s actually my favorite of the colors. I love red and gold glitter. I tend to think of this as a fall combo of colors but I think over a bright red or yellow this could be fun for summer.

Native War Paints MonthlyOverall: while I think there was a really great value in getting 2 full size polishes and 1 mini for $17, I wasn’t completely in love with this bag. For one, I wish there had been a bit of information on the colors included, even just a simple type up info card.

And While I really like the nail colors and enjoy that they got me out of my comfort zone (I would buy gray polish forever if left to my own devices) I wasn’t super amazed by any of the colors. They were cool, they were fun, but I just didn’t find myself ohh and ahhing over anything.

That’s all mostly a matter of personal taste and I liked the polishes enough that I’m excited to see what Native War Paints comes up with in future months. Since this is only the first month of this subscription, I do plan to stick around for awhile and get more of a feel for the brand.

In the mean time, I will be covered in green Hulk glitter.

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever tried Native War Paints?

Have you ever rocked green nail polish?

Who is your favorite Avenger?












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