EOTD/BOTD: Freesia and Gnarly Wine

Hey friends!

How’s your Wednesday? I’m done with class for two weeks, which is perfect timing because I have so much stuff to share with you on the blog. (Also I have books, TV shows, movies, and people to catch up with. It’s like I get my life back for two weeks and I HAVE TO LIVE IT UP.)

Anyway, I’m wrapping up my adventures with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics this week with a lovely purple eye and scoping out a budget Barley Wine by Laguintas!

Check it out!

beer of the day eye of the day

Please enjoy your makeup and beer responsibly.

Eye of the Day: Dawn Eyes’ Wisteria, $3.00 full sized.

Wisteria:A lovely medium purple with a golden sheen and a shift to a deeper plum, dancing with pink to gold and blue to purple color shifting glimmers! 

Dawn Eyes WisteriaI always love me a muted purple because it’s a color I can wear to work without feeling too wild. I also like the subtle golden sheen, it makes the eye shadow shift in different lights.

Eyelid: Dawn Eyes’ Wisteria
Crease and Brow: 
Colors from Wet N’ Wild’s Sweet as Candy Trio
Outer Corner of Eyelid: Aromaleigh’s La Plus Heuruse from the Ephemera Box
Eyeliner Top Lash Line: Jordana Liquid Eyeliner Pencil Purple Fix
Eyeliner Lower Lash Line: foiled Aromaleigh’s La Plus Heuruse from the Ephemera Box (and a bit of Champagne Truffle from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette)

This is probably the last eye shadow I’ll feature from the Dawn Eyes Nature’s Sinful Delight Collection, (I’ve really been milking that order), and I have to say that overall, this is a really nice well rounded collection for Spring. I’m really glad I tried a new brand and happy to have these shadows in my rotation.

Beer of the Day: Lagunitas GnarlyWine

Lagunitas GnarlyWine

Ohhh, I love me a Barley Wine, so I was really excited to try this beer. On the first sip I was a bit taken back by how sweet it was. It’s got strong caramel and malt flavors, with a bit of fruit notes in the back. It’s definitely not a complex beer, I thought it was actually pretty one note, with the sweet, caramel flavor dominating the taste. All in all, a bit meh. I didn’t hate it, I would drink it if it was offered to me, but I won’t be seeking it out again.

In it’s favor this is a Barley Wine that’s under $10, which for that style of beer, is a really good deal.

Rebs Stars: 3/5

Questions of the Day:
-Got a favorite Barley Wine?
-Do you have an indie brand I should try for my upcoming EOTDs? I’m always looking for suggestions of places to try!



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