Happy Hour: Wet N’ Wild Coverall Correcting Palette and Dogfish Head Piercing Pils

Hey friends!

How’s your Friday? I’m about to enjoy my last one before Summer Semester starts, (AKA my last semester of grad school, thank you very much!), with a nice, long bubble bath. And a beer. Naturally.

To kick off Happy Hour I’ve got a really delicious pilsner by Dogfish Head and a Color Correcting Palette by Wet N Wild, that will be great for your upcoming summer adventures.

Check it out!

wet n wild coverallPlease enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly!

Makeup Product of the Week: Wet N’ Wild Coverall Correcting Palette, $3.99

wet n wild coverallSo, I don’t use color correcting palettes a lot, to be honest, because I’ve never had good luck with them. There’s obviously some inherent risk when you smear green powders or creams on your face, and it’s just never worked quite right for me.

However, for about $4, this might be the best color correcting palette I’ve run across. The formula is a light weight, very thin cream texture that almost feels powdery when blended into the skin. It’s so discreet I forget that I’m wearing it, which is always a bonus for me.

wet n wild color correcting palette

One quick swipe with my finger

I tried the green to cancel out some redness, and it blended in well with my foundation and seemed to make it a bit more neutral. I also tried the yellow under my concealer, (because I have constant crack eyes-dark circles and huge bags. It’s real pretty.), and saw some reduction in the purple-blue of my perma-dark circles. I haven’t tried the purple or white yet, because I don’t really need them, but I appreciate that you have all four colors in this palette.

My only gripes with this palette: I wish the dividers between each color were more prominent, because in my typical hot mess way, I’ve already accidentally mixed some of the colors a bit. I also noticed this palette was only available in one shade, whereas other brands sometimes have multiple options. This might limit some people based on their skin tone. Just some things to keep in mind, though for $4, it may not bother you all that much.

All in all, I don’t know if this is a permanent inclusion in my daily makeup routine, but for those of you who do love a bit of color correcting, I think this is a great bargain.

Beer of the Week: Dogfish Head Piercing Pils

dogfish head piercing pilsYou might be thinking to yourself, a Pilsner? Really? That is so boring. (Or you might be thinking to yourself: I love French Fries lalala. I don’t know your life.)

Well, normally, I would agree with you. I rarely ever drink Pilsners because to me they are the vanilla ice cream of beer: pretty basic and boring. However, not so with Dogfish Head Piercing Pils!

The big difference here: there’s a really lovely and subtle pear note that adds a bit of sweetness and a small, tart bite to the classic Pilsner taste. This is really well balanced with  crisp and smooth flavors, that turns Piercing Pils into a easily drinkable, yet interesting Pilsner. I don’t even like pears, but it comes across more as a soft fruit taste and blends so well with the mild hops and refreshing flavors, that I can see this being my go-to Summer beer. (And I know I’ve said that a lot lately, but I feel I really found the one this time!) Seriously. Bring it to a summer event, and see how many new friends you make.


wet n wild coverall hh

I’m really happy with both of these products. In my imagined summer travels, (I don’t actually have any set plans yet), I will be bringing this palette with me. And in my imagined summer parties, (I don’t really have these set yet, either), I will bring this beer.

Can you tell I am so ready for the summer? SO READY.

Questions of the Day:
-Have you guys tried Wet N’ Wild’s correcting palette?
-What’s your experience with correcting palettes in general?
-How are you preparing for summer, which is technically a month away still, but whatever???

I’ll be back for Subscription Saturday and Sunday! See you then!




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