Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s Mini Mystery Bag- May 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday? I am so excited I have a three day weekend. It’s basically all I wanted for my upcoming birthday. So my dreams have come true.

I’m slowly finishing up reviews on all my May subscriptions, and today I have Rainbow Honey’s to share with you. Everything month I remind myself that I really don’t need more nail polish, but everything month they tempt me with their glittery goodness and I can’t resist.

So let’s check out May!

rainbow honey mystery bag may 2015

Informational Business: 

Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish, bath and beauty company. They also offer nail care products like cuticle creams, base coats, and scented top coats.

Every month Rainbow Honey sends out both a Full size, ($25) and a Mini, ($12) Mystery Bag filled with several nail polishes and skin care items based around the scent of the month. I get the mini because I am cheap, and also because I can never finish a bottle of nail polish. The bag usually ships around the 7th-9th of the month and shows up at my house about 3-4 days later.

Check out more of my Rainbow Honey reviews here.

And you can sign up on the Rainbow Honey website if you’re interested in trying out a Mystery Bag, too!

Fun Business: The goodies this month!

Rainbow Honey May Mini Bag

Info card is full of info:

rainbow honey may 2015 info sheet

The polishes:

May Polish Rainbow HoneyJuicy Orange Pop Nail Lacquer- Enjoy a sneak peek to our upcoming Summer Drinks Collection, meet Juicy Orange Pop, a luscious bright orange soda jelly to color your nails!

Juicy Orange Pop Nail Polish

3 coats

This is a bright, traffic-cone, neon orange with what looks like chunks of clear glitter. I don’t have anything this neon in my collection, so it’s definitely unique. Unfortunately, I have not had the best luck with Rainbow Honey’s jellies, they seem to chip in less than 24 hours even with base and top coat, but I’m hoping this guy will hold up longer. I see potential as a pedicure color with this, because that orange on my finger nails could potentially blind people. They make think I’m trying to direct air traffic or something.

Laguna Grande Nail Lacquer- After a night out in Old San Juan, treat your nails to a midnight swim with this illuminating teal blue nail lacquer!

Laguna Grande Nail Polish

3 coats

While I normally prefer brighter colors this time of year, I really love this shade. It’s a beautiful deep blue with gold sparkle and shifts. It’s actually pretty subdued, but the gold shimmer makes this unique.

Neon Yoshimo- Part of our upcoming Robots Part 2 release later this year, Yoshimo goes Neon! This glitter topper is full of black, white, and neon blasts of bright glitters in varying sizes sprinkled with iridescent to make your manicure pop!

Neon Yoshimo Glitter Topper

3 coats

When I first saw this in the bottle, I wasn’t quite sure. It looked pretty wild, even for this glitter loving lady. However, when I painted it on my swatch stick, it came across more fun and poppy, and less spastic. I think this will be so neat over a bright pink nail, and perfect for summer.

Body Products:

Rainbow Honey Mojto Perfume and Pina Coco-Colada Cuticle Balm

Mojito Perfume and Pina Coco-Colada Cuticle Balm

Mojito Classico Perfume Oil Rollerball- This month our silky soft perfume oil rollerball is featuring the first signature scent from our upcoming Summer Drinks collection, Mojito Calssico, a classic and refreshing Mojito Cubano blended with mint leaves, sugar cane, and lemon slice. 

This just smells like fruity, fresh vanilla with a hint of citrus to me. It’s really yummy and makes me want a smoothie or frozen drink, but I don’t know that I would need a full size of this. It also doesn’t last long, like an hour tops, on my fruit destroying skin. Maybe I would like this better in a different format, like a soap or something?

Pina Coco-Colada Scented Cuticle Balm-Our hydrating cuticle balm is scented with our next signature summer drinks scent, Pina Coco Colada, a frozen delight blended with coconut, sweet pineapples, luscious mangos, and topped with notes of lotus flower and vanilla!

Every surface in my house is basically covered with Rainbow Honey Cuticle Balms, (I just looked over and I have RH Carnival Candy Balm sitting next to me), but I guess I should keep up with the seasons. Sure enough, this smells like sweet, tangy pineapple in their classic cuticle balm formula. I actually don’t get any coconut, but it still smells good. It will probably live in the guest bathroom. I’m running out of places for these guys, and I even gave some away!

Twisted Ice Tea Cooling Gel, Enriched with Aloe-We just can’t get enough of our Aloe Vera Cooling Gel this month! Our favorite summer must have is scented with Twisted Ice Tea, fresh tea leaves and sugar, blended on ice with sliced oranges and lemons for a bright summer twist!

twisted tea cooling gelI don’t really understand what the cooling gels are for, I presume you put them on when you have a sunburn? Or when you are hot and need cooling? I’ll experiment and get back to you.

Despite my confusion on cooling gel purposes, I love this scent. It smells like fresh lemonade, the kind made from real lemons and real sugar. I don’t get much tea, but the lemon scent is just realistic, tart amazingness and I want to be outside at the pool sipping on lemonade immediately.

I think I’m just going to keep this around to smear at myself at random intervals this summer. For cooling purposes.


rainbow honey mystery bag may 2015 goodiesI really liked the May Mystery Bag, (it’s like the universe knows May is the best month, I’m telling you!). The colors are fun and unique, and everything smelled refreshing and yummy for summer. Plus, I can’t wait to put that Glitter Topper on everything.

I realized I still really look forward to getting my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, even with all the nail polishes I already have. I still get excited about the products and colors, so I think they will actually be sticking around my life for awhile!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Rainbow Honey Bag?
-What is a cooling gel?
-What drink would you like to bathe in? Mine is actually champagne, but that lemonade cooling gel is pretty awesome, too.



See you tomorrow for Subscription Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s Mini Mystery Bag- May 2015

  1. coasmom says:

    I have the Midori Cooling Gel and love it! I use it when I’ve been out in the sun too long, when I actually have a sunburn or, say, when I’ve had an allergic reaction to a skin product and my face is red and hot.

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