Subscription Saturday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ June OTM

Hey friends!

How are you today? I’m over here getting ready to go to this place that shows moving pictures about dinosaurs. I believe they call it the “movie theater.” I once went to one, but it was so long ago, I’ve forgotten. I’ll let you know if the moving pictures were any good!

In my absence, please enjoy this thoroughly overdue review of the Glamour Doll Eyes’ June OTM!

glamour doll eyes june OTM

Technical stuff: 

The Glamour Doll Eyes OTM is a $10 subscription that will now be sold in a month-to-month subscription, where you can cancel at any time. This is a big change, as previously subscriptions were sold in monthly increments like 2 months and 3 months. The eye shadows will still be available to purchase on the 10th of each month, so if you are not subscribed you will get a chance to purchase the eye shadows.

To get a subscription with this new system, you will have to enter your name onto a waiting list for any openings by emailing More info on this is available on the Glamour Doll Eyes Facebook group.

You can see more of my Glamour Doll Eyes OTM Reviews Here.

Good Stuff: The theme this month was #girlsnightout. Tomorrow I’m having a #girlsgotoyogaandbeerdayout. I think that counts, too?

What was inside the little bag:

Glamour Doll Eyes June OTMInfo Card: The TMI Code is shareable this month!

GDE OTM June info cardBack side of Info Card

June 2015 OTM Info Card


Eyeshadows swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance on top, and Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix on bottom.

Color of the Month: #girlsnightoutBlackened mauve with a purple/pink overlay finished off with a blue and copper sparkle

glamour doll eyes #girlsnightoutOver the Too Faced primer, this is a really sheer mauve with lots of sparkle. However, over the Glitter Fix the blackened base really shows up and the blue and copper sparkles pop. I like that I can use regular primer for a daily look and the Glitter Fix to get a true “going out” color. It’s pretty both ways, but I think I like the deep color over the Glitter Fix.

Eye Look: This isn’t so much a look, as just showing off the Color of the Month, but enjoy.Glamour Doll Eyes #girlsnightout

I just used #girlsnightout all over the lid, (over Glitter Fix) and then Wet N Wild’s Petal Pusher colors in the crease, lid, and as eyeliner. Easy cheesy.

Sample of Broken Stars from the AstroChrome release-is a slate blue base with a pink to purple duochrome sparkle overlay.

Glamour Doll Eyes Broken Stars

This is from the AstroChrome collection, which is currently available on the Glamour Doll Eyes website. Broken Stars over regular primer is a muted steel blue with a bit of sparkle, but it reallllly pops over Glitter Fix. That lovely duochrome of purple and blue comes out. It kinda reminds me of No Regerts from last months OTM.

I do have my eye on a few of the shades from the AstromChrome collection, but I’ve been on a Low-Buy this summer and have to wait a little bit longer to grab some of these duochrome shades!

Tiny Unicorns Highlighter-A sheer pale pink gold. 
Glamour Doll Eyes Tiny UnicornsI meant to blend this out a little, but I ended up just swatching it over bare skin with my finger. That being said this is a really smooth and silky highlighter. It’s a great natural color that can be used in a variety of ways. I like using it as a highlighter, but I also think it makes a good brow bone color.

Glamour Doll Eyes Pocket Mirror

GDE Mirror

I thought it was really cool to feature a little accessory in this month’s OTM. I have to be completely honest, the illustration is not my particular style, but it is always nice to have a pocket mirror laying around. It totally beats using my cell phone as a mirror, which I have been known to do.


Glamour Doll Eyes June 2015 OTM

I thought this was a cute little month. I liked the color of the month and I really liked the highlighter. My sample was fun, and while I usually give sample bags away, I’m definitely keeping Broken Stars!

I always look forward to getting the Glamour Dolls OTM. It’s cute, reasonably priced, and just a fun little treasure to find in your mailbox, and this month was no exception!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s OTM?
-What do you like to do for a #girlsnightout?
-Have you seen any good movies lately?







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