Sixteen92 Winter Collection Review

Hey guys!

So I’m a rule-breaking rebel today. I hate trying out perfumes without letting them rest for a week, (an annoyances go in my life, this is definitely is low on the list-but it’s there!), but I just got my Sixteen92 Circle subscription this past Friday and the Winter Release is Friday, November 13th. In order to help people make educated perfume buying decisions, I’m breaking my smell code today.

So let’s check it out Sixteen92’s Winter Collection!

Sixteen 92 Winter Collection

I am part of Sixteen92’s Circle Subscription, so I received this Winter Sampler set as part of my subscription. Based on previous prices, I think these will cost about $18 as a sample set when they are released on Friday.

In terms of reviewing, I tend to find  that perfumes last longer on my skin and become more nuanced if I’ve let them settle awhile. That could be all in my head. Who knows. Anyway, in the interest of fairness, I’m reviewing these perfumes today, but I’m going to test them out again in a week and see if anything’s changed. I’ll update the post if I do. Just to give them a fair change. And to cover myself in perfume. It’s a win-win.

And The Days Are Not Full Enough- Notes:sweet sandalwood, texas cedar heartwood, patchouli coeur, black vanilla, grey musk
This starts off pretty strong, wet I’m getting big notes of patchouli and hay. I’m not loving this combo. As it dries, the patchouli note starts to fade, and the scent becomes a milder, sweet scent. If you’ve ever been in a barn, that’s what this reminds me of, the sweet scents of hay and grass. (Which I just looked at the scent list, and have no clue where I’m getting that from. Maybe the vanilla and sandalwood? Maybe the musk?) This faded really fast on me, after about 30 minutes it was just hay sitting close to the skin. I had to inhale my wrist to get anything. I guess if you’re a fan of sweet, subtle patchouli-this will be up your alley.

Her Kind– Notes: tart cherry, sweet almond, bergamot, sandalwood, ambrette, camellia blossom, tonka, sweet myrrh
Wet, I get cherry and intense almond extract. It’s been noted before that I’m a weirdo who loves the smell of almond extract. Like, I LOVE it. That being said, this smells pretty artificial, exactly like you’re using cherry and almond extract to bake something. As it dries, the extract smell does fade and it starts to become more natural. I get a soft, sweet floral note and just a hint of sandalwood and bergamot in the background. The dried down scent is feminine and sophisticated and I think I might be a fan. This had a pretty decent throw and lasted about 5 hours on me.

Domination of BlackNotes: orris route, soft suede, white santal, nutmeg, oakwood, lichen, chilled soil
I immediately get dark notes of cool leather and dirt. It’s kinda spicy and sexy? I’m asking for a friend. As it dries there’s also some incense notes joining in with the leather and dirt notes, and it becomes comforting. It reminds me of some of the scents from the Halloween Collection. This sat pretty close to my skin but lasted about 4 hours.

This Is Just To Say- Notes: cake flour, cocoa powder, osmanthus, plum & apricot jam, tonka bean, dried fruits, tangled vines
At first this smells like a Tootsie Roll, with the slightest hint of something fruity in the background. Happily, as the perfume dries, the cocoa fades a bit and the frutier scent gets stronger. After about 30 minutes I am definitely getting apricot jam and tonka bean, it’s sweet and fruity. The light, soft scent of fruit remains for several hours on me before this eventually dried down to vanilla. This should be a gourmand right up my alley, and I want to love it, but it’s not there yet for me. I’ll give this one some time and see if I keep reaching for it. This also sits pretty close to the skin, but the vanilla scent lasted several hours on me.

Walking in the WinterNotes: fir needle, hemlock, soft snow, pale woods, delicate mint, frost-blanketed leaves, cold metal, distant hearthsmoke
This smells just like trees covered in snow. (Seeing as I’ve only seen real snow like once in my life, I’m just guess. But that’s the image that comes to mind.) There’s definitely a cool mint note here, and I get the scent of icy green firs, as well. There was a very subtle note I wasn’t able to identify on blind sniff, but checking out the scent description I realize that it’s the very faint whiff of smoke. I’m not surprised that I like this scent, because minty cool atmospherics are my favorite Winter scents. I can literally close my eyes and imagine walking through a cold, snowy forest. Walking in the Winter is definitely an interesting and layered scent and my favorite of the bunch. This had pretty good throw and lasted about 6 hours on me.

Bonus: Candy Cane Mocha- Last year I reviewed Sixteen92’s Hot Chocolate Bar, and while everything smelled pretty delicious, I didn’t ever find myself reaching out to wear the perfumes. When I saw Candy Cane Mocha, I figured it would be along the same lines at the Hot Chocolate Bar, and tested it halfheartedly.

That ended after about 4 seconds. This smells amazing. I adore coffee scents, and this is delicious dark chocolate coffee with sweet, creamy mint. It smells amazing. Did I already say that? I can’t stop smelling my arm and it’s causing some problems with my writing. It has great throw and lasted several hours. FULL SIZE I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Overall: I like the Winter Collection. I think Walking in the Winter and Her Kind are my favorites, but I do like This Is Just To Say. I’m not sure if any of these are full sizes for me, but I’ll test again in a week.

And Candy Cane Mocha will be mine.



Questions of the Day:
-What are you favorite Winter notes?
-Are you going to grab anything from Sixteen92’s Winter Release?








One thought on “Sixteen92 Winter Collection Review

  1. Well! That seals the deal on me getting a FS of Candy Cane Mocha. I haven’t heard a negative thing about it yet (and I have a sweet spot for coffee scents. Gotta collect ’em all). I’m really wanting This is Just To Say and Her Kind since I love sweet smells and florals… Half of me just wants to wait until Black Friday and blind buy FS of them all instead of during this week’s release 😀

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