Subscription Saturday: Aromaleigh Ephemera Box-June 2015

Hey friends!

How are you guys? I’m sorry I missed Happy Hour yesterday. I ended up binge watching Orange is the New Black and I have zero regrets about that. As I’ve stated like 60490 times, this summer is bananas for me and sometimes it’s just awesome to be lazy.

But today, it’s on! I’m swatching, and writing, and editing, and taking pictures, and writing grad school papers, and being super productive in general. (Note the priority of the grad school paper writing.) And as part of my productivity, I’m here with Aromaleigh’s June Ephemera Box, and it is swoon-worthy this month. Swoon-worthy!

So check it out!

Iaromaleigh june ephemera box

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EOTD/BOTD: Aromaleigh’s Blush Response

Hey friends!

How’s it going today? So I started watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit on Netflix, (usually while I’m scarfing down dinner), and I’m loving it. It’s charming, silly, and hilarious, with jokes and gags crammed into every scene. I had a meh day and Kimmy Schmidt was a great pick-me-up. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen it!

Anyway, makeup and beer are also good pick me ups to meh days, and I have both for you today in our EOTD/BOTD. I’m sharing another look I tried with the “More Human Than Human” Collection from Aromaleigh. This one is a fairly subtle work appropriate look. Because that’s where I live.

I also have Belfort, a Belgian Style Strong Ale that Mr. Danger got for me, from Rogness Brewing Company. (I’ve really been on a Belgian role lately.)

So check out EOTD/BOTD!

beer of the day eye of the day


Enjoy your makeup and beer responsibly.

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Aromaleigh’s More Human Than Human Collection: Review

Hey friends!

A while back Aromaleigh was having a giveaway of their upcoming “More Human Than Human” Collection, based on Blade Runner. I entered it, and I actually won the deluxe sample set! I was so excited! The only other time I have ever won a giveaway was when I was 6 and I won a Fievel Goes West VHS.


Yes, I won this. Be jealous.

Needless to say, winning this Aromaleigh Collection is wayyyyyy more exciting.

I originally wasn’t planning to purchase this collection because my eye shadow collection runneth over, but wow, the colors are gorgeous. If you’ve been on the fence about this set, you might want to check out these shadows.

And good news: for the next few days, this entire collection is on sale! 

more human than human collection(And even though I won a giveaway, all of these opinions are my own. Including that Fievel Goes West is a very bizarre movie, but I enjoyed it when I was 6).

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EOTD/BOTD: Aromaleigh’s Luperci

Hey friends!

I guess this is more like EOTN? Or EOthenextD? Either way, I wanted to do more one more look with the Aromaleigh Feast of Lupercal Collection before February ended. This collection’s been getting some rotation in my daily life, so I made sure to get another picture in of one of my favorite shades!

And also the beer for today, Shiner’s Birthday Beer Stout, completely took me by surprise. I actually did a beer double take. Yes, that happens.

So let’s check out EOTD/BOTD!

beer of the day eye of the day

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Aromaleigh: Feast of Lupercal Collection Review

Hey friends!

Welllllll, if you read this blog with any sort of consistency, (and even if you just randomly stumbled on it), I think we can all agree: I don’t need anymore eye shadow.

But did we all see the previews for Aromaleigh’s Feast of Lupercal Collection? Because if we all did, then we can all agree that I needed those shadows. I needed them! It was like my Holy Grail Collection! We are talking gorgeous pinks, purples, and neutrals. This is what Rebs’ dreams are made of!

I compromised and bought deluxe sample sizes. TREAT YO SELF.

Was it worth breaking my low buy? (LOL, low buy. LOL.) Read on and find out!

aromaleigh feast of lupercal

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