Happy Hour: Current Holy Grail Blush and Harpoon’s The Long Thaw

Hey friends!

We made it to Friday!

I also made it through my first week of classes as a “non-degree seeking student” AKA the person who should probably leave grad school, but is still there. (*I graduated in December, but I’m pursuing additional courses for licensure/certification in my career. Someday I’ll leave. Someday.)

Anyways, Mr. Danger and I are supposed to be celebrating the fact that I passed my certification test/graduated/started new classes tonight, but all I want is macaroni and cheese. I’ll report back on how our adventures go.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this Happy Hour post, because it’s the weekend, and some of us even have a 3 day weekend! (ME! ME ME ME!!!!) Today I decided to share my current Holy Grail Blush, Hello Waffle’s Junebug, with you guys because it’s affordable, it’s indie, and it makes me think of Spring. In that same dream of sunshine and warmer weather, I’ve also got Harpoon’s The Long Winter Thaw White IPA. I know it’s a little early to be thinking of Spring, but I am tired of rain and cold where I live!

So let’s kick off Happy Hour!

happy hour hello waffle june bug

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 22-Hello Waffle’s 23

Hey friends!

I got to sleep in late today and it was awesommeeeeee. Probably the best thing about being on vacation, in my opinion. I am not a morning person AT ALL.

In other news, we’re almost done with the Indie Advent Calendar! These last few days have been pretty and awesome and today I found my Holy Grail Rose Gold Eyeshadow. The one I have been searching for since March. It’s Hello Waffle’s 23, and it’s perfect.

Check it out below!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar Days 19 & 20: BPAL and Hello Waffle

Hey friends!

It’s a Double Trouble Day!

AKA I got behind on posting! It’s because I went to three Christmas parties this past week, so I’m not even mad. That is much better than being behind on posting because of thesis. (R.I.P. Thesis)

Anyway, Day 19 and Day 20 were both awesome, so let’s take a look!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Visage by Hello Waffle: December 2014

Hey friends!

Today a Solstice Scents package arrived at my house, addressed to Mr. Danger. I was very suspicious. I don’t know if this is a gift for me, or if he went shopping for himself. These are the things you ask yourself when your husband gets into indies.

Fortunately, I know the makeup purchases are still just for me. Hello Waffle’s Visage Box for December, for example, is all mine, all mine!

I was very excited about this month’s box because I really enjoyed the November Visage box, and plus I just love Hello Waffle. Her eye shadows and blushes are some of the best in the indie world right now. And I’m working on getting a doctorate in indies now, so I know. (Just kidding. that is totally a joke. I’m over higher education at the moment.)

Anyway, this subscription is closed at the moment, but there has been talk of adding more slots in future months. I pay $25 for this box, and it includes shipping, (from Canada, to my very far away state!) Each month is supposed to include everything for a complete look!

So let’s check it out!

hello waffle December visage

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 12- Hello Waffle’s One of Us

Hey again friends!

Hope your Friday is off to a good start!

Today’s Indie Advent Calendar post is another Hello Waffle shade, this time in “One of Us”. I ordered these back in October and I literally can’t remember what I picked, so all these Hello Waffle shades have been a nice surprise. So far I’ve been really impressed with my past self’s choices. Good job, old me!

beer of the day eye of the day

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Visage by Hello Waffle: November 2014

Hey friends!

I’ve been having a super, amazing mail week. The best ever. And we didn’t even get mail on Tuesday. It was that amazing. Today’s post showed up on Monday, and there was lots of squealing.

So I’ve expressed my love for Hello Waffle in the past. (And the future, if I could just swatch my darn arm!) When I saw that she was considering starting a monthly box, I started stalking Facebook like a panther. A indie obsessed panther with a very sad bank account, but still.

Well, I managed to snag one! (From my phone, stuck in commuter traffic, the first and only time I was happy to be stuck in traffic!) The concept behind the Visage subscription is that you would be able to create an entire look with the products included. The cost is $25, which includes shipping, and I think it’s a great deal, especially since Hello Waffle is shipping from Canada, and I’m on the opposite side of the US.

I did end up cancelling some other subscriptions to budget out for this one (I won’t name names but sounds like smirchbox and smipsy, and I haven’t missed them yet). However, I felt I really got my money’s worth with Visage.

Let me know what you think!

hello waffle visage november


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Happy Hour: October Favorites

Hey friends!

Something to know about me: I may not be timely, but I am thorough! For instance, it may be November 7th, but I am determined to do my October Favorites post. Because it will get done, maybe a week late, but, DONE.

It is really a miracle this post is happening at all since I’m supposed to be completely the data analysis for my thesis research. And this is what I have done so far:

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix.

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix. Also, this is not a cry for help, makeup will save me.

Anyway, my stubbornness is pushing me through! (Also I’ve been bribing myself with makeup, a very effective incentive.)

October flew by very fast, (I still have my Halloween lights up, for example), but I still did manage to buy like 349898 beauty products, so check out the bests of the month below:

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Hello Waffle Cosmetics: Part 1

Hey Friends!

So wayyyyy back in August I placed an order with Hello Waffle, and I got the Blogger pack, which has a lovely little discount.

However, I never reviewed it because I immediately realized that I had picked like 5989 purples and my compulsion to have complete sets kicked in.* I knew I was going to have to place an order to get a more varied sampling of Hello Waffle’s shades.

Well, guilt alleviated, I just ordered a ton of eye shadow samples and her Cattsic Literature collection, and it’s been shipped so AIYEEEE.  Now that I know I can properly review her shade selection, I’m going to go ahead and share the first part of my haul.

*All of this is a ruse just to buy more Hello Waffle because she is the bomb.com.

hello waffle cosmetics

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