Southern Comforts’ Halloween and General Catalog

Hey friends!

It’s been awhile since I reviewed some new indie perfumes. It’s actually been a year since I first got into indies, and this fall I’ve been trying less samples and instead picking up full sizes of things I loved from last year. (TOBAC YOU ARE MINE.) (I also realize I am like the only person who loves Tobac, but I do what I want.)

Anyway. That being said, I did pickup some sample packs from newcomer, Southern Comforts‘ Etsy storefront, after hearing some pretty positive reviews about the brand. I ended up with a Halloween Sampler and a 5 samples from the General Catalog, so let’s check it out!

Southern Comforts Halloween Perfumes

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Happy Hour: Sunsets and Seas’ Fall Collection and Karbachtoberfest

Hey friends!

Sorry I disappeared for a bit! Apparently adjusting to my new found dream job has taken more time than I thought. Mostly in the sense that my free time usually involves me laying and staring a wall. My brain is broken, you guys!

Seriously, I’ve had the worst writer’s block lately. Which is hysterical because I write reviews, you would think this would not happen. But I take all my pictures and then I find myself struggling to find words to describe items. I just keep thinking, “Good, this is good. This is okay. This is meh.” None of these thoughts are super helpful in reviewing beer and makeup.

So I decided to try and break my writer’s block by posting anyway. If my descriptions are more lackluster than usual, forgive me, as I fight through this verbally barren time in my life.

And today’s Happy Hour is, of course, a word heavy post because I decided to switch it up and review perfumes and bath bombs for Happy Hour! I tried out Sunset and Seas, Hello Waffle’s new beauty and bath line, and I wanted to share! She had Fall Scents! Which go great with Octoberfest beers like Karbachtoberfest!I had to do it!

So check it out!

happy hour karbachtoberfest

Please enjoy your beer and beauty products responsibly.

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Solstice Scents’ Woodland Collection

Hey friends!

Where I live, our Winter is an emotional roller coaster. One hour it’s in the 40’s, then by midday it’s 76 degrees outside. Then it’s raining and icing, then it’s foggy, then it’s a beautiful day, then it’s a hurricane. I don’t know. You wear lots of layers and hope for the best.

What I’m saying here is that since I don’t have the typical Winter climate or experience, I was really excited to try Solstice Scents’ Woodland Collection. First, I love their wood notes. Second, I planned to pretend I lived in a snowy, magical forest! Third, I love Solstice Scents. They have my heart. And my money.

So I grabbed a sample pack of the Woodlands Collection and a full size of Spellbound Woods, a scent they were discontinuing.

Was it a magical forest wonderland of smells? Read on!

woodland collection solstice scents

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Solstice Scents’ Foxcroft Collection

Hey friends!

Solstice Scents just released their Woodland Collection, AKA part II of their Winter Collection, this past weekend! As I eagerly await the arrival of my goodies, I thought I would share some other Solstice Scents reviews to help bide the time.

So, as many of you know, I have the coolest mommy ever. She got me samples of the Foxcroft Collection for Christmas! Since I’ve gotten obsessed with Solstice Scents, I’ve been dying to try the Foxcroft Collection, as its the fictional town that serves as inspiration for several perfumes. Plus it’s just kinda cool. I love the story created around this town, it seems like it would be such a charming and pleasant place if it was real.

Foxcroft Map: From Solstice Scents' website

Foxcroft Map: From Solstice Scents’ website

I’d probably try to get a job working at Owl Creek Aleworks.

Anyway, Foxcroft’s Autumn Collection has been one of my favorite perfume collections to date, so I was very excited to revisit Foxcroft with its original collection.

This was a gift from my mom, but the samples are listed for $14 on the website. My mom said Solstice Scents shipped quickly and arrived just as fast, which somewhat surprised her because she wasn’t so sure about the website. (She’s not used to indies yet, I’m slowly bringing her into the fold, though.) All in all, she had a good experience ordering from them, which I’ve found to be the norm for them.

solstice scents foxcroft collection

So let’s check out the scents!

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Smelly Yeti Perfumery Part 2: The Rest of the Hellmouth Collection

Hey friends!

Let’s be upfront right now. My title is a lie. I have all of the Hellmouth Collection in samples except one scent.

Cub Scout.

Never Cub Scout. I will not buy a Riley scent. Also it’s vanilla, which I’m sure is lovely, but my skin will be projecting vanilla for days to come if I wear it.


Now that I’ve been transparent with you, we can discuss the rest of these scents!

(If you want to read reviews about the first part of this collection, which includes a robot perfume, check out my post on Part 1.)

Smelly Yeti Hellmouth Collection

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sixteen92: Winter Collection

Hey friends!

Just a heads up: I’ll be blogging through the rest of this week, but Dec. 29th-January 4th I’ll be taking a short vacation. I’m going on a trip with my family to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday, and I’m just going to enjoy some time off that week. I’ve been blogging without stopping through working full time, grad school, writing my thesis, etc. for the past 6 months and I think it will be nice not to be covered in swatches for a few days.

But I’ll be back! Because I can’t resist sharing glitter with the world.

Anyway, for today I have a review of sixteen92’s Winter Collection, one of the few indie shops still open for the holidays. (They’re all on breaks, too, which I think it totally fair since most of them are 1 or 2 people operations.)

This collection should be available until February, so there’s no rush if any of the scents sound up your alley. The Sample Pack itself for this collection was $18 for 5 2mL perfumes. sixteen92 shipped this about a week after I ordered it, and it arrived in about two days.

So let’s get to the good stuff. How do these bad boys smells?

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 21-Sugar&Spite’s Duran

Hey friends!

Is all your holiday shopping done? Or are you one of those people that gets an adrenaline rush from last minute shopping. I, personally avoid stores from Black Friday until New Years, unless it can be helped. Online shopping FTW.

Anyways, Mr. Danger and I got our shopping done early this year, as evidenced by this indie advent calendar. Today’s little treat is the last scent in Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Yule Collection, Doran. 

More on that perfume below!

(If you’re just joining the indie advent calendar, check out its origin story here.)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar Days 19 & 20: BPAL and Hello Waffle

Hey friends!

It’s a Double Trouble Day!

AKA I got behind on posting! It’s because I went to three Christmas parties this past week, so I’m not even mad. That is much better than being behind on posting because of thesis. (R.I.P. Thesis)

Anyway, Day 19 and Day 20 were both awesome, so let’s take a look!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 17&18: Oops!

Hey friends!

Ugh. Last night, I accepted the fact that I would not be getting caught up on the blog this week. I came home late from a Christmas party, and realized I did not have enough energy to take a shower, let alone write about how wonderful some of my new perfumes smell. (I should just shower with perfumes, and save myself some time and effort.)

Alas, this weekend will be filled with blog posts. Be on the look out for Rainbow Honey, the Glamour Dolls OTM, and more indie advent calendar!

Anyway, since I missed yesterday, I decided to combine Day 17 and Day 18, which was nice little haul of Glamour Doll Eyes, BPAL, and more! Spoiler Alert: I found out some of what was in that Solstice Scents package from the other day.

So check it out!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 16- BPAL’s Morocco

Hey friends!

I think Mr. Danger was messing with my control freak tendencies. He put two perfumes back-to-back. MUST REARRANGE. However, I’m not allowed to peek, so I will painfully accept my not perfectly ordered fate.

Today’s perfume sample, Morocco from BPAL, is very pleasant though, and a great scent for indie newbies and pros alike. So I guess it’s okay that Mr. Danger did not arrange the calendar to my perfectionist tendencies. It is not, I must go organize something.

Anyway, check out the scent for today, and if you are wondering why my husband is putting items in small boxes, read the intro post here.

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender


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