Indie Advent Calendar Day: 15- Sugar & Spite’s Solstice Perfume

Hey friends!

I can’t believe it’s Dec. 15th already. This month/year has really flown by for me! I’m hoping to take it slower now that my semester is over and The Thesis is turned in. Really stop and smell the indie perfume oil, and that kind of thing.

Today’s Indie Advent Calendar treat is another perfume from Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Yule Collection. Quick summary from my other post: loved their Halloween perfumes, and wanted to try the Yule Collection. Fast shipping, and no problems with my order at all. (You can read about these experiences here and here, if you need some more info on this company.)

Anyway let’s check out today’s scent, Solstice!

(More indie calendar info here!)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 13-BPAL’s Jazz Funeral

Hey friends!

It’s been several hours since I submitted my thesis, and life is looking good. Mr. Danger is taking me out tonight to celebrate. I will wear all of the glitter. All of it.

Today’s indie advent calendar treat was a very nice surprise. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Jazz Funeral by BPAL, (to be honest I remember ordering it because it pushed me out of my comfort zone).

Check out my thoughts below!

(And if you want to know why little gifts keep appearing in boxes, you can check out my intro post here.)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Solstice Scents’ Winter Collection: Part 1

Hey friends!!!


The only way I finished it was by bribing myself with perfumes from Solstice Scent’s Winter Collection. I’m not even joking. Every chapter that I did a revision on, I got to smell a scent and write about it. I’ve been working on this thesis for a year and my motivation was pretty low. So thanks Solstice Scents, for helping me complete it!

I’ve written about Solstice Scents before, (AKA my favorite indie perfume company, I’ll just come out and say it), I reviewed their Autumn and Autumn Festival Collections. As before, I ordered the Winter Collection on Saturday and it shipped out on Monday. Shipping itself was a bit slower than usual, (it’s that time of year, friends), but my tired, beleaguered postal service worker delivered it about a week after it shipped. (I’m getting him a Christmas gift, the poor guy is always delivering me something.)

I accidentally placed two orders because I got so excited, (I also bought Whipped Soaps in Corvin’s Apple Fest and Owlcreek Aleworks, plus a full sized Foxcroft Fairgrounds) and Solstice Scents kindly combined my shipping and refunded me the difference. They also included BOTH of the freebie samples I asked for from each order, which they did not have to do. So what I’m saying here, is customer service from Solstice Scents is amazinggggggg.

Anyway, the best part is the scents, so let’s get sniffing.

solstice scents winter collection

Thesis turned my brain to mush and I forgot how apostrophe “s” works. Ooooops.


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Indie Advent Calendar Day: 10- Sugar and Spite’s El Corazon

Hey friends!

I wore Performance Color’s Bad Girl to work today, as I promised I would do in yesterday’s post. The reddish purple wine color really grew on me. Also I’m pretty sure it left people wondering, “Does she have glitter on her lips? Does she need a glitter intervention?” So, I was really happy with that lipstick is what I’m saying.

Today we have a scent from an indie company I don’t really hear a lot about, Sugar and Spite Bathery. I had a great experience with their Halloween Collection, (which you can read about here), but to sum it up: great scents, strong throw, and they lasted a very long time on me. So, I thought I would try the Yule scents! (I’m adding to the literature, ok?)

(And here’s more info on this wacky indie advent calendar thing here)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Smelly Yeti Perfumery Part 1: Review of 6 Buffy Scents

Hey friends!

I can’t even tell you where I found out a perfume company called Smelly Yeti existed. (Not that it’s a secret, I just can’t remember.) But let me tell you, I could immediately tell Smelly Yeti was right up my alley, and I was thoroughly convinced to throw down and try out a sample pack.

First, let’s talk about the great design concept. Everything about Smelly Yeti is cheeky and fun. Just check out the fabulously designed website or all the goodies that come in an order, for example. There’s no pretension here, just silliness and snark, and I love it.

Second, the touch to detail that Smelly Yeti gives to each order is super impressive. I got a hand drawn Yeti on my receipt, for example. I also exchanged a few emails with the owner in regards to what perfume she would recommend for my fruit hating skin, and she responded quickly and helped out. This is obviously an owner who is devoted to her brand.

Third, the Buffy theme. Do I really need to explain to you guys that I’ve been a Buffy fan since I was a wee 11 year old. I feel like we’ve already established I am the ulta-nerd.

And the most important! A sample pack is $12 and a full size perfume is $15, not too bad compared with mainstream perfume prices! Especially when I think I found my daily Holy Grail scent.

So for the first part of my review I have 6 scents to review from the Hellmouth Collection:

smelly yeti perfumery


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sixteen 92: Chocolate Bar Collection

Hey friends!

Hope you had a great weekend! On Saturday, I passed my pre-test for my certification/licensure test! (It’s actually kind of anti-climatic, because now I just have permission to take the actual test that counts. Yay?)

Then a friend was in town and I got to have beer flights. So I consider it a successful weekend.

Today I’m kicking off the week with sixteen92’s Chocolate Bar Collection. Yes, an indie perfume company made a perfume collection based on hot chocolate. And yes, it’s amazing.

sixteen92 also has a Winter Collection, that I’ll be reviewing in the next week, (presumably), but I had to start with the Chocolate Bar collection. Because it’s the Chocolate Bar collection. I don’t feel like we need anymore explanations about why it’s awesome.

The sample size set of this cost about $22 with shipping. I ordered it Nov. 7, it shipped Nov. 10, and I was covered in hot chocolate scents on Nov. 13. Pretty impressed with this turn around time!

Grab yourself some sugar and read on!

chocolate bar collection sixteen92

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Haus of Gloi: Yule Collection

Hey friends!

How was your weekend?

Mine had some ups and downs. The highs: I ate French fries and got a new haircut. The lows: I had to spend the weekend writing the data analysis chapter of my thesis.

In fact, this post is being written as I take a break from analyzing data. (Did you know, one pro of qualitative research is you get to use different color highlighters? Just thought I would share that, if you were considering grad school.)

Anyway, it’s time to analyze some real data. Like, how are the Haus of Gloi Yule scents? Well, I can answer this research question below!

Oh, and in case you missed it, I reviewed their Autumn Collection last week here. Because I am ON IT, friends. 

haus of gloi yule collection

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Happy Hour: October Favorites

Hey friends!

Something to know about me: I may not be timely, but I am thorough! For instance, it may be November 7th, but I am determined to do my October Favorites post. Because it will get done, maybe a week late, but, DONE.

It is really a miracle this post is happening at all since I’m supposed to be completely the data analysis for my thesis research. And this is what I have done so far:

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix.

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix. Also, this is not a cry for help, makeup will save me.

Anyway, my stubbornness is pushing me through! (Also I’ve been bribing myself with makeup, a very effective incentive.)

October flew by very fast, (I still have my Halloween lights up, for example), but I still did manage to buy like 349898 beauty products, so check out the bests of the month below:

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Haus of Gloi: Autumn Collection

Hey friends,

This is my last stop on the road of trying out all of the autumn indies. (Note: This is not all of the companies out there, it was just all of them I could afford/not be a hoarder with 59898 pumpkin perfume samples.)

Haus of Gloi appears to be one of the more popular indie perfume and body companies at the moment. It’s run by two people on their own website and has been around for a few years now. They offer perfume oils and other bath products such as whipped soaps, bubbling scrubs, and more.

Haus of Gloi perfume samples range from $2.50-$3, and their full sizes are $12. Their bath product minis are around $4-$5 and full sizes are $8-$10. I think this is super reasonable, especially when in comparison to mainstream perfumes or Bath and Body Works products.

I missed their original Autumn release (this is back before my indie love, when I was twiddling my thumbs and smelling like cheese, I guess), and I had been forewarned to be ready to go when HG restocked their autumn items. So in order to find out why everyone loved this little company (you know, for Science), I did pounce when Haus of Gloi restocked their autumn items, and I got all of their perfume samples and a pumpkin butter. (I think a few hours later it was all sold out, and they restocked a third time.) I’ve been trying them out since then and I’ve definitely been developing some opinions.

Haus of Gloi shipped the day after I ordered it, and I got all my lovely scents 4 days later. I was very impressed with their shipping, especially since I was part of the fall restock madness.

Naturally, I completed this review in a timely manner. (Uhh…Haus of Gloi just launched their Yule products yetersday, oops.) But even though these autumn products aren’t available anymore, it seems many return for future years. So start your wishlists a year early and/or hello 2015 readers who are stumbling on this post now.

Anyway, let’s get real about fall scents now:

Haus of Gloi Autumn Collection

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sixteen92 Fall Collection: Review

Hey friends!

I’m almost done with my reviews of the indie perfume autumn collections! Just in time for their Yule collections to come out!

Today’s review comes from a fairly new company, sixteen92. I had heard great things about this shop and I had to try. Claire, the owner, runs the shop through Etsy and obviously takes a lot of pride in her products. The branding and imagery of sixteen92 doesn’t look like a new company, but rather one that’s experienced and polished.

.I ordered my Fall Collection on September 16th, it shipped on September 22nd and showed up in its new home with me on the 24th. That’s about a 2 week turnaround time, which is fairly normal in the indie world.

8 scents came in the Fall Collection, and though I didn’t love them all, they were all very different and interesting!

sixteen92 fall collection

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