Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Subscription: September 2014

Hi friends!!

I put 2 exclamation points because I just realized it’s the end of September and I have yet to review two of my subscriptions from the month!!!

(I needed triple exclamations this time, because I am a strict observer of dates, and hello, how did September go by? Not that I’m sad, I secretly have always thought of September as the worst month of the year.)

Anyways, let me tell you a very important fact you should be aware of if you’re considering getting into indie cosmetics:

It’s super addicting.

One minute you’re just curious about this cruelty-free company you got a sample from, and the next you are subscribed to like 3 different indie groups and hiding in bathrooms to place orders for indie flash sales. (Plz don’t judge, thnkz.) It comes on quickly, so hide your wallets before it’s too late.

So I wanted to give you that primer and warning, because today I am going to share one of my newest subscriptions, Innocent+Twisted Alchemy’s Sample Subscription. At about $12 a month, it’s a good deal and you can explore some more indie options! And then you’ll probably want to buy 5698 more things, so you’ve been warned.

Check out what I got!

innocent twisted alchemy september 2014

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