sixteen92 Fall Collection: Review

Hey friends!

I’m almost done with my reviews of the indie perfume autumn collections! Just in time for their Yule collections to come out!

Today’s review comes from a fairly new company, sixteen92. I had heard great things about this shop and I had to try. Claire, the owner, runs the shop through Etsy and obviously takes a lot of pride in her products. The branding and imagery of sixteen92 doesn’t look like a new company, but rather one that’s experienced and polished.

.I ordered my Fall Collection on September 16th, it shipped on September 22nd and showed up in its new home with me on the 24th. That’s about a 2 week turnaround time, which is fairly normal in the indie world.

8 scents came in the Fall Collection, and though I didn’t love them all, they were all very different and interesting!

sixteen92 fall collection

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