Sugar And Spite: The Villains Wax Tart Sampler

Heyooooo friends!

I’m back!! How have you guys been?!

This past week, though. It was bananas. I moved into my new job, started my summer internship, and two summer school classes that both last from 5:30-10:00. (I think this is illegal?) Good stuff. Good stuff.

But now I am back! I can’t promise how active I’ll be on social media, but I will be returning to a normal posting schedule this week. Which is super awesome timing because a lot of summer products are out and about and need reviewing!

Before we can get to summer, I desperately need to review Sugar and Spite’s Villains Wax Tart Sampler! I got this a lonnngggggg time ago. But then I fell asleep like Rebs Van Winkle and didn’t get the post out in time. But now that I am awake, I am here to tell you: it smells so good!

So check it out!

Sugar and Spite Villains Wax Tart

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Sugar and Spite: Oh the Horror! Wax Tart Sampler

Hey friends!

Today I have a post that doesn’t fall into any of the normal categories I write about, but it smells so nice I wanted to share it. We can say it falls into a new category of “Indie Lifestyle”. No, that sounds weird. “Indie etc”.  There you go.

Today I’m sharing Sugar and Spite’s Oh the Horror! Wax Tart Sampler pack. Never before have I dived into the world of wax tarts, but I quickly learned there’s a very loyal community. And the first rule of wax tarts is to talk about wax tarts. (Seriously, I watched a couple of Youtube videos on wax tarts. I didn’t even know there would be content to make a Youtube video of, but that just shows how ignorant I used to be to the world of wax tarts.)

Anyway, when I saw Sugar and Spite offering wax tarts, I decided I had to try them out. I mean there’s only so much skin I can apply perfume to, so tarts really opened the realm of wonderful smell possibilities!

So check it out!

sugar and spite oh the horror wax sampler

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 21-Sugar&Spite’s Duran

Hey friends!

Is all your holiday shopping done? Or are you one of those people that gets an adrenaline rush from last minute shopping. I, personally avoid stores from Black Friday until New Years, unless it can be helped. Online shopping FTW.

Anyways, Mr. Danger and I got our shopping done early this year, as evidenced by this indie advent calendar. Today’s little treat is the last scent in Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Yule Collection, Doran. 

More on that perfume below!

(If you’re just joining the indie advent calendar, check out its origin story here.)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar Day: 15- Sugar & Spite’s Solstice Perfume

Hey friends!

I can’t believe it’s Dec. 15th already. This month/year has really flown by for me! I’m hoping to take it slower now that my semester is over and The Thesis is turned in. Really stop and smell the indie perfume oil, and that kind of thing.

Today’s Indie Advent Calendar treat is another perfume from Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Yule Collection. Quick summary from my other post: loved their Halloween perfumes, and wanted to try the Yule Collection. Fast shipping, and no problems with my order at all. (You can read about these experiences here and here, if you need some more info on this company.)

Anyway let’s check out today’s scent, Solstice!

(More indie calendar info here!)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Happy Hour: October Favorites

Hey friends!

Something to know about me: I may not be timely, but I am thorough! For instance, it may be November 7th, but I am determined to do my October Favorites post. Because it will get done, maybe a week late, but, DONE.

It is really a miracle this post is happening at all since I’m supposed to be completely the data analysis for my thesis research. And this is what I have done so far:

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix.

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix. Also, this is not a cry for help, makeup will save me.

Anyway, my stubbornness is pushing me through! (Also I’ve been bribing myself with makeup, a very effective incentive.)

October flew by very fast, (I still have my Halloween lights up, for example), but I still did manage to buy like 349898 beauty products, so check out the bests of the month below:

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Mini Review: Sugar and Spite Bathery

Hey friends!

I wanted to post this review ASAP because I just realized Halloween is in less than two weeks! I don’t know how this happened! I haven’t even gotten to watch my traditional Halloween films, Hocus Pocus and Ernest Scared Stupid Yet. Classic films of greatness, people.

So, seasonal stress aside, I wanted to review some of Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Halloween scents before it was too late, because they are pretty good. Also you can get a sampler box for $12 with shipping, so it’s not going to break the bank!

Also their themed packaging is super thoughtful and perfect for Halloween!

sugar and spite bathery

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