Happy Hour: Sunsets and Seas’ Fall Collection and Karbachtoberfest

Hey friends!

Sorry I disappeared for a bit! Apparently adjusting to my new found dream job has taken more time than I thought. Mostly in the sense that my free time usually involves me laying and staring a wall. My brain is broken, you guys!

Seriously, I’ve had the worst writer’s block lately. Which is hysterical because I write reviews, you would think this would not happen. But I take all my pictures and then I find myself struggling to find words to describe items. I just keep thinking, “Good, this is good. This is okay. This is meh.” None of these thoughts are super helpful in reviewing beer and makeup.

So I decided to try and break my writer’s block by posting anyway. If my descriptions are more lackluster than usual, forgive me, as I fight through this verbally¬†barren¬†time in my life.

And today’s Happy Hour is, of course, a word heavy post because I decided to switch it up and review perfumes and bath bombs for Happy Hour! I tried out Sunset and Seas, Hello Waffle’s new beauty and bath line, and I wanted to share! She had Fall Scents! Which go great with Octoberfest beers like Karbachtoberfest!I had to do it!

So check it out!

happy hour karbachtoberfest

Please enjoy your beer and beauty products responsibly.

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