Subscription Saturday: Aromaleigh Ephemera Box-June 2015

Hey friends!

How are you guys? I’m sorry I missed Happy Hour yesterday. I ended up binge watching Orange is the New Black and I have zero regrets about that. As I’ve stated like 60490 times, this summer is bananas for me and sometimes it’s just awesome to be lazy.

But today, it’s on! I’m swatching, and writing, and editing, and taking pictures, and writing grad school papers, and being super productive in general. (Note the priority of the grad school paper writing.) And as part of my productivity, I’m here with Aromaleigh’s June Ephemera Box, and it is swoon-worthy this month. Swoon-worthy!

So check it out!

Iaromaleigh june ephemera box

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Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-May 2015

Hey friends!

I’m a little belated on Subscription Sunday because I spent the whole day with friends and family. However, I have to share Aromaleigh’s May Ephemera Box because it’s pretty amazing this month. (AKA the best month of the year, my birthday month). Really friends, you should check this out.

aromaleigh ephemera box mat 2015

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Subscription Sunday: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-April 2015

Hey friends!

Happy Easter, Passover, or random Spring Day! (Or Fall if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere? I think I got everyone now.) I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, in whatever way today means to you!

In perfect timing news, I’ve got my Aromaleigh Ephemera Box to share with you today! The theme for this month was the ancient Roman Spring holiday Floralia, (I forgot to include that above-Happy Floralia!), and the colors for this month are absolutely perfect for a beautiful Spring day.

Check it out!

aromaleigh ephemera box april 2015

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Subscription Sunday: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-March 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Sunday going? I’m not enjoying the jump ahead in Daylight Savings Time, so I’ve been protesting by taking a nap.

Today I’ve got my Aromaleigh March Ephemera Box to share with you! This has easily become one of my favorite subscriptions in the course of it’s first three months. I love the quality and color of the products we’ve been getting, and using them all in a look has been a fun little project for me.

This month’s Norse mythology themed box might be my favorite so far, Check it out below!

aromaleigh ephemera box february

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