Black Violet’s Aromatic Blackbox Quarterly Subscription

Hey friends!

Remember how I’m behind in my posts? Well, here’s another one for you that I’m finally getting around to posting about, Black Violet’s Black Box Subscription. I apologize for the delay, but I had to take 3 baths to do a full review of this, and that can be time consuming!

Anyway, I am here today with my thoughts on the second installment in this new quarterly subscription, so let’s check it out!

black violet blackbox

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Subscription Sunday: Fortune Cookie Soap Box-Summer 2015

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was very busy! I’m finally winding down with some French Fries and Orphan Black. Comfort foods.

Anyway, today I’m finally reviewing my Fortune Cookie Soap Box! Now this is actually a quarterly subscription, rather than monthly, but I felt we could squeeze it on Subscription Sunday. Especially because it smells really awesome. And it’s Peter Pan themed. So, yes, this is happening.

Check it out!

fortune cookie soap summer 2015

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Subscription Sunday: Black Violet’s Blackbox-Clue Edition

Hey friends!

How’s the weekend treating you? I had really grown up adult expectations of going to bed early to do work on Sunday. And then Mr. Danger decided to brew and we stayed up until 1:30 in our garage, bonding with our next door neighbors, instead. Adult life choices, right here.

Due to this lack of sleep, I have a change in plans for my Subscription Sunday post. I’m pushing my Hello Waffle Visage Box review back until tomorrow morning. I hadn’t finished my FOTD look with the Visage box yet, and now that I have massive bags under my eyes, I’m going to wait until I look better to photograph my face. Vanity, thy name is Exhausted Rebs.

This means that I have a brand new subscription box to review for you today! Black Violet’s Blackbox! I’ve been stalking this box since I first heard of it’s creation in January, and I was so thrilled to grab one. It’s a mixture of skin and hair care products, plus perfume! 

There will be more slots opening in May, so check out what I thought!

black violet blackboxLove the label. All the packaging was just excellent.

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Subscription Saturday: Fortune Cookie Soap Box- Spring 2015

Hey friends!

So the Fortune Cookie Soap Box isn’t a makeup subscription, but it is a subscription that I didn’t get a chance to squeeze in this week. And that totally counts for Subscription Saturday! (Sometimes I forget that I work full time and go to grad school, and blog posts just don’t come out in the timely manner I want. BOOOO real life!)

This is my third Fortune Cookie Soap Box, and I was loving the Alice in Wonderland theme for Spring. The minute I opened the box, it was floral scents and pops of color in my face! I was excited!

So check out what I thought!

fortune cookie soap spring 2015 box

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Indie Advent Calendar Day 11: sixteen92’s Black Sugar Lotion

Hey friends!

I’ve got all my revision notes. I’ve got my “studying” playlist on. I’ve got 67 highlighters and 2 kinds of post-it notes. I’ve got a delicious sipping beer. I AM READY TO FINISH EVIL THESIS OF DOOM TONIGHT.

But first.

Indie advent calendar! Today I have some body lotion from sixteen92! Though I’ve tried her perfumes here and here, this was my first foray into her body products. I think I’m hooked! Let’s check it out.

(The origin story of the indie advent calendar can be found here.)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender


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Fortune Cookie Soap: Fall 2014 Box

Hey friends!

Random Fact About Rebs: I conduct lots of studying and work in my “office.”

Where is my office you say? Oh, just my bathtub.

I. Love. Taking. Baths. It’s my quiet time. I relax or if I don’t have time for relaxing, I read my textbooks. And it’s still awesome because I’m in a bathtub.

This being said, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover Fortune Cookie Soap. There is nothing that feels more pampering and luxurious to me than some good bath products. Plus with cheeky little names like, “Unicorn Farts” and “Lemon Drop It Like It’s Hot”, I know we would get along. When I found out this company had a subscription box I was ON. IT.

This service is $19.99 and quarterly, (which is how I justified it in my mind. It’s not monthly, so, math, finances. Yeah.), and I got my first box, their Fall 2014 one last week.

Read on to find out what I got!

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014 Box

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014 Box


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