Special Guest Post: Stitch Fix Review

Hey friends!

How are you on this disgustingly short Monday? (I’m not over DST yet, sorry.)

Today I have a special guest poster, one of my dearest friends, L. She offered to share her Stitch Fix review with me, and since I spend all my money on makeup and perfume instead of clothes, I thought this would be a great change of pace!

I myself have tried Stitch Fix a couple of times and found them to be hit or miss. If you get a good box, well, you saved time and effort shopping, and you probably got some nice items at a less expensive retail value. But if you get a box that’s not great, or just meh, you’re out $20. (And as a budget blogger and grad student, I feel for $20. I can do so much with $20.)

However, L, has had pretty good experiences with Stitch Fix, and I do envy her clothing from them. So she decided to roll the Stitch Fix dice again and she’s here today to share her box with us.

Check out what she got!

stitch fix review


PS: Neither L or myself are affiliated with Stitch Fix, we are just ladies who like to receive things in the mail.

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