Dupe or No Dupe: Urban Decay’s Naked Vs. Wetn’Wild’s Walking on Eggshells

Hello friends!

Sooooo this post was supposed to be for next week and accidentally published yesterday. This is what happens when you have 13 hour work days. (ProTip: I found out L’Oreal’s Infallible Eyeshadow lasts at least 14 hours, which is both impressive and terrifying.) Anyway, I decided I might as well let this post be free, and just write a new one for next week. So without further ado:

Welcome to a new and randomly occurring feature, called Dupe or No Dupe!

In this series, we’re going to breakdown some internet rumors and myths regarding dupes!

On today’s show: Urban Decay’s Naked Palette VS. WetnWild’s Walking on Eggshells!

Urban Decay Naked Vs. WetnWild Walking on Eggshells


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Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios: Sun-Set to See and No Scalpers Allowed

Hello Beauties!

I totally did not intend to write this post.

You see, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any of the new Wet n’ Wild Limited Edition Color Icon Trios because I’m more of a neutrals gal and because I have 6094 eyeshadows.

But then my friend wanted to know about Sun-Set to See, and what kind of friend would I be to deny her?

And because you can’t write a post about just one eye shadow trio, I had to get another one.

So, here we are. Oops?

No Scalpers Allowed and Sun-Set to See

No Scalpers Allowed and Sun-Set to See

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