Happy Hour: ColourPop’s Summer Launch and Victory Brewing Company’s Summer Love Ale

Hey friends!

We made it to Friday! My first full week of internship has been fantastic, but I am totally ready for hours and hours of Orange is the New Black! YES SUMMER.

For tonight’s Happy Hour, I’m going with the complete summer vibe. I’m sharing some of my favorite products from ColourPop’s Summer Collection, and a really interesting ale, Victory Brewing Company’s Summer Love.

So check it out!

Happy Hour Summer Love

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

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EOTD/BOTD: ColourPop Nillionaire

Hey friends!

How’s it going? I got out of my class last night at 10pm, which I am pretty sure is illegal, and I am tired!

Thankfully, I have all of the glitter. All of it. Because I am the proud owner of ColourPop’s Nillionaire from their Summer Collection. I bought a bunch of items from their Summer launch that I’ll be sharing this Friday for Happy Hour, but today we put all the focus on Nillonaire, because it’s goregeoussssss. And to make it even more summery around here, I’ve got Good Juju from Left Hand Brewing Company, a really nice ginger ale. (The kind for grownups. Sorry, kids.)

So let’s check out EOTD/BOTD!

beer of the day eye of the day

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly!

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6 Popular ColourPop Lippie Stix: Review

Hey friends!

My mommy is the coolest and picked up some ColourPop Lippie Stix for me for Christmas! (If you are just joining me, I’m in my late twenties, by the way. I just have a cool mommy.)

She grabbed some of their most popular shades in the Lippie Stix. (I do not like the word, lippie, but Colourpop gets a pass.) Since she’s also a budget-savvy lady, she bought 6 Lippie Stix for $30, (as their $5 each), and got the free shipping! A wise woman, indeed.

I’ve reviewed Colourpop’s Holiday Lipstick Collection, Forget the Fruitcake here, but this is my first time trying on their general shades. I was excited to test some of their best selling lipsticks!

colourpop popular lippie stix

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Colourpop Review: Not A Box of Chocolates

Hey friends!

How’s Cyber Monday treating you? I’m hoping to remain strong through today, but Haus of Gloi is releasing their Yule restock today and that has the possibility to melt my willpower. Must…stick…to…budget….

Speaking of going over budget, I may have treated myself to a “Hey you finished Ch. 4 of your thesis and you only have one chapter left” reward of the Colourpop Holiday Collection, “Not a Box of Chocolates”.

It was only $30 with free shipping, so I guess there could be worse vices?

I’ve written about Colourpop’s eye shadows here and here, so I think we can establish I am a fan. They have a great pigmented, long lasting formula and amazing color selections. When I saw they had released 6 new shades for the holidays in their Not a Box of Chocolates, I was on that!

Check out the new swatches!
colourpop not a box of chocolates
What’s in the box?

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Happy Hour: Black Friday Beer and Colourpop’s Forget the Fruitcake

Hey friends!

Hope your Black Friday is treating you well! There are a lot of makeup sales going on right now, but so far I’m behaving myself. We’ll see how long my will power holds out.

In general, I’m not a big fan of Black Friday, (I hate crowds), but I am a fan of dark beers and lipstick.

So for Happy Hour today, I picked one of my all time favorite beers ever, which happens to be part of Southern Tier’s Blackwater series, their Creme Brulee Stout (get it? Blackwater? Black Friday? PS: I’m on a lot of medication right now for the rudest Sinus Infection ever, so excuse any weirdness).

I also finally got my hands on some Colourpop lipsticks. I’ve been eyeballing them for awhile, but I thought they were probably over-hyped. $5 for a long-lasting, pigmented lipstick just seemed to good to be true.

But I decided to just jump right in when I saw their holiday collection, Forget the Fruitcake. $30 for 6 lipsticks, and free shipping was just too nice to resist.

So do the Colourpop lippies hold up to all the hype? Check it out below:

happy hour colourpop forget the fruitcake


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Happy Hour: 7 Budget Rose Gold Shadows and Dogfish Head Punkin

Hey friends!

This will be publishing a little late because someone had to take a nap.

And that someone is me. (I don’t have kids if that’s what you were thinking.)

It’s been one of those weeks. Not a bad week, just the kind of week where you spill coffee on your curtains, clean dog vomit out of your bed, and spill 32 ounces of water in your nightstand, kind of week. We’ve all been there. I think.

Anyway, my best friend is coming in town tonight so it will be all good in the neighborhood.

For this week’s Happy Hour, I wanted to share 7 of my favorite rose gold eye shadows that are all under $8! These shades range from copperish to pinky champagne, but they are all beautiful and cheap.

I’m also switching things up on you and sharing Mr. Danger’s favorite pumpkin beer! Don’t worry, he has good taste.

So let’s keep Happy Hour going all weekend!

rose gold eyeshadowWow that is a lot of eye shadow!

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ColourPop Eye Shadow: Fall Shades

Hey friends!

How are you today? I have class tonight, so I’m dreaming of glittery eye shadows as a light at the end of a long day tunnel. We’re talking the 13 hour kind of long day. (Not going to lie, I might be dreaming of a Shipyard pumpkin beer, too.)

So today I have a quickie post here of my latest ColourPop Shadow haul, including some of their delightful, new fall shades. (If you want to see my thoughts on their original line and concept, look here.)

These are $5 each and cruelty-free, so you know you want to check them out.

Disclaimer: I feel like I’ve talked about this company so much lately, I should mention that I am NOT affiliated or compensated by them in anyway. I bought all of these bad boys with my poor grad school funds, and I’m just a super fan.

ColourPop Eyeshadow Fall


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Happy Hour: Maui Coconut Porter and ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadows

Hey friends!

Happy Friday!

I made it through my first week back of full time work/grad school. (Those of you in the country/world who don’t start your academic year until September, I shake my fist at you in jealousy! So jealous.)

Naturally, I am celebrating today! So for our Happy Hour post we’re looking at one of my new favorite cosmetics companies and their eye shadows.

So let’s kick off Happy Hour!

ColourPop Cosmetics and Maui Coconut Porter

Disclaimer:You better be 21 and up if you are reading the beer portion of this post, and please enjoy your booze and makeup, responsibly.

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