Happy Hour: NYC Eyeliner and Alaskan Pumpkin Porter

Hey friends!

I am having a fantastic Friday! By the time this posts publishes I will be thoroughly enjoying Wedding Weekend Palooza Part II. This wedding is for Mr. Danger’s cousin, so it’s been great to catch up and see some of his family. And enjoy copious amounts of food and beverages.

Speaking of beverages-it’s Happy Hour! Today I’m starting my Happy Hour Pumpkinfest! For the next several weeks I’ll be featuring my favorite pumpkin beers. There’s a lot to choose from out there, so I’m going to help you narrow it down to the best.

As for makeup, I’ll be focusing on some cheap fall favorites. For today I’m featuring the perfect eyeliner for creating a beautiful fall eye look.

So let’s start Happy Hour!


happy hour oct 10

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