Southern Comforts’ Halloween and General Catalog

Hey friends!

It’s been awhile since I reviewed some new indie perfumes. It’s actually been a year since I first got into indies, and this fall I’ve been trying less samples and instead picking up full sizes of things I loved from last year. (TOBAC YOU ARE MINE.) (I also realize I am like the only person who loves Tobac, but I do what I want.)

Anyway. That being said, I did pickup some sample packs from newcomer, Southern Comforts‘ Etsy storefront, after hearing some pretty positive reviews about the brand. I ended up with a Halloween Sampler and a 5 samples from the General Catalog, so let’s check it out!

Southern Comforts Halloween Perfumes

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Solstice Scents: Autumn Collection Review

Hey friends!

So I spent some time debating if I was going to do any reviews of the indie perfume world I’ve dived head first into after getting a small sample in one of my subscriptions. About a month ago I didn’t know much about mainstream perfume, let alone the wide and varied range of indies.

However, in the interest of “adding to the literature” on indie perfumes, I decided to go ahead and review. (I’ve been doing too much lit review for my thesis, and it’s showing). Before purchasing any of my perfume samples, I did a bunch of google research, (more fun than thesis research), to see what I would like and not like. While there are a handful of awesome bloggers reviewing these kinds of scents, sometimes it was hard to find impressions on specific scents or brands. Hopefully I can help fill in that void!

So for my first indie perfume review, I picked a well-established brand, Solstice Scents. Given the time of year, and my love of seasonal themes, I jumped right in with their Autumn Collection (Part I, apparently).

Here’s what I thought:

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