Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Zombie Survival Kit!

Hey friends!

How was your week? I’ve got a really random TREAT YO SELF purchase to share with everyone today. About a month ago, on the day it was available for pre-order, I saw that Fortune Cookie Soap was doing a Zombie Survival Kit for $20 including shipping. Now, I don’t need any more bath or body products, technically speaking, but it was right when I had started the new job and I felt like spoiling myself.

So here I am a month later the proud owner of a Zombie Survival Kit, the big launch happened last Friday BUT, I saw talk on Facebook that there might be a restock… so of course, I feel inclined to share my feelings about this Collection.

So let’s check it out!

Fortune Cookie Soap Zombie Survival Kit

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Sugar and Spite: Oh the Horror! Wax Tart Sampler

Hey friends!

Today I have a post that doesn’t fall into any of the normal categories I write about, but it smells so nice I wanted to share it. We can say it falls into a new category of “Indie Lifestyle”. No, that sounds weird. “Indie etc”.  There you go.

Today I’m sharing Sugar and Spite’s Oh the Horror! Wax Tart Sampler pack. Never before have I dived into the world of wax tarts, but I quickly learned there’s a very loyal community. And the first rule of wax tarts is to talk about wax tarts. (Seriously, I watched a couple of Youtube videos on wax tarts. I didn’t even know there would be content to make a Youtube video of, but that just shows how ignorant I used to be to the world of wax tarts.)

Anyway, when I saw Sugar and Spite offering wax tarts, I decided I had to try them out. I mean there’s only so much skin I can apply perfume to, so tarts really opened the realm of wonderful smell possibilities!

So check it out!

sugar and spite oh the horror wax sampler

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