Sunday Funday: Happy Hour- Glamour Doll Eyes Customized Pressed Quad and Harpoon’s Oktoberfest

Hey friends!

Happy Labor Day, American friends! Happy Monday, all other friends!

However you’re enjoying the day, I have a quick Happy Hour for you! For September, I’ll be sharing my favorite Oktoberfest beers. (Because Oktoberfest begins in September. It’s slightly confusing, but just go with it.) So to kick it off, we have Harpoon’s Octoberfest!

Also, I have to share one of my latest and greatest makeup finds! Friends, I am really excited about this one because I finally crafted the most absolute perfect quad! I finally bought one of Glamour Doll Eyes’ customized pressed eye shadow quads, and my goodness!

Check it out!

harpoon octoberfest

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

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Subscription: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box- June 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday?

I’m working on a paper right now, but I knew I had to get this post up. I’ve seriously been finishing it for about two weeks, and for various reasons it never got completed. BUT. I do not give up! So here I am today with a very belated review of Hello Waffle’s June Visage Box. Better late than never. Sure!

The difficulty of getting this post finished made me reflect on the way I’ve been writing some of these reviews, and I may be changing the way I do them soon. I’m open to your thoughts, so more musings on this near the end of the post.

But for now: makeup!

hello waffle visage box juneIt’s fluffy.

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Subscription Saturday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ June OTM

Hey friends!

How are you today? I’m over here getting ready to go to this place that shows moving pictures about dinosaurs. I believe they call it the “movie theater.” I once went to one, but it was so long ago, I’ve forgotten. I’ll let you know if the moving pictures were any good!

In my absence, please enjoy this thoroughly overdue review of the Glamour Doll Eyes’ June OTM!

glamour doll eyes june OTM

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EOTD/BOTD: Blue Sky, Green Grass

Hey friends!

Hope Wednesday is treating you well!

I’m still working through my new Dawn Eyes Cosmetics order, and I’ve got a gorgeous Springy shade to share with you. It’s a lazy girl Spring #EOTD that requires next to no blending or special skills. Perfect for when you would rather be boating or laying in grass or whatever Spring activity you prefer.

Also I have Chimay Grande Reserve to review. Which honestly, is more of me waxing poetic and gushing love, than a true review. Because it’s Chimay Grande Reserve.

So check it out!

beer of the day eye of the day

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Subscription Sunday: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-April 2015

Hey friends!

Happy Easter, Passover, or random Spring Day! (Or Fall if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere? I think I got everyone now.) I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, in whatever way today means to you!

In perfect timing news, I’ve got my Aromaleigh Ephemera Box to share with you today! The theme for this month was the ancient Roman Spring holiday Floralia, (I forgot to include that above-Happy Floralia!), and the colors for this month are absolutely perfect for a beautiful Spring day.

Check it out!

aromaleigh ephemera box april 2015

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Happy Hour: March Favorites!

Hey friends!

It’s weird how March was only 12 days long this year. If you tried to convince me there were 30 days this past month, I would probably shake my head sadly for you, because it just didn’t happen. At least that’s how it felt to me.

It was hard to pick out favorite things since this month was only 12 days long, but I managed to create a March Favorites post because I have a duty to my readers. Also because there were a lot of pretty things and good smelling things this month.

So check out what made the favorites cut for the shortest month of the year!

beautyonabeerbudget favorite things march

Please enjoy your makeup and beer responsibly. 

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