Sixteen92: Birthday Collection Review

Hey friends!

Today is the last day of Sixteen92’s one year anniversary sale! This also means it’s the last day to buy scents from her limited edition Birthday Collection.

Naturally, yours truly is ON IT, and posting a review of the scents today. Most of the lotions and samples are sold out, but if any of these perfumes sound up your alley-there’s a few 5.5ML bottles left for sale.

So check out what I thought! Before it’s over!

sxiteen92 birthday collection

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Darling Clandestine: Summer 2015 Review

Hey friends!

How’s it going? I finally got around to reviewing my massive Bitsy Haul from Darling Clandestine’s Summer release. And my. What a collection. There are eleven different perfumes here and they range from super fruity summer fun to salty pirate to road trip and everything in between. It was definitely a blast trying these all out.

So check it out!

darlingclandestine summer 2015 review

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Solstice Scents: Autumn Collection Review

Hey friends!

So I spent some time debating if I was going to do any reviews of the indie perfume world I’ve dived head first into after getting a small sample in one of my subscriptions. About a month ago I didn’t know much about mainstream perfume, let alone the wide and varied range of indies.

However, in the interest of “adding to the literature” on indie perfumes, I decided to go ahead and review. (I’ve been doing too much lit review for my thesis, and it’s showing). Before purchasing any of my perfume samples, I did a bunch of google research, (more fun than thesis research), to see what I would like and not like. While there are a handful of awesome bloggers reviewing these kinds of scents, sometimes it was hard to find impressions on specific scents or brands. Hopefully I can help fill in that void!

So for my first indie perfume review, I picked a well-established brand, Solstice Scents. Given the time of year, and my love of seasonal themes, I jumped right in with their Autumn Collection (Part I, apparently).

Here’s what I thought:

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