COVERGIRL: The Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner

Hey friends!

How’s your week going?

Today I wanted to share two new CoverGirl products Influenster provided me for free to review. (I forgot I signed up with Influenster way back when I started the blog so it’s good to see them again!)

I was really excited to receive Cover Girl’s The Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner, as I consider myself something of a drugstore makeup pro, and I love finding new budget deals!

So check out what I thought about these new products!

covergirl supersizer mascara intensify me

Though Influenster provided me these products for free, I’ll be sharing my honest opinions. As a lover of budget beauty, I want to make sure I can always point you guys in the right direction of quality drugstore makeup. 

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Happy Hour: Favorite New Mascara and Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace

Hey friends!

Oh goodness what a week. I’m busting out one of my Lush bubble bars  cutting it in half, because I’m cheap and taking a bath tonight. With a giant, but responsible, adult beverage.

If you have energy to get out for a Happy Hour, I’ve got a makeup product for you, my new favorite mascara, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara-and it’s only $7!

I would normally rave about my beer of the week here, but unfortunately I had a case of mistaken beer identity. I thought this Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace was a Saison I’d tried before and loved, but it turns out, I strongly, immensely, really dislike it.

So for more on that story, as well as a cheap new mascara, check out Happy Hour!

happy hour sorachi ace

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly. 

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Happy Hour: Real Ale Oktoberfest and Essence Mascara

Hey friends!

It’s Fridayyyyy!

I don’t know about you but it seems I can’t go to bed before 11 throughout the work week, and then Friday I pass out around 8pm. I’m such a party animal.

I meant to go to an Oktoberfest this year, but sadly I forget that most of the events around me are in September and not actually October, and thus have already happened. (I resent this inappropriately planned event if you can’t tell.)

Anyway, just because I didn’t make it out, doesn’t mean I can’t have my own Oktoberfest. I just need some vegetarian sausage, some pretzels, delicious beer and cheap, fun, mascara. (Yes, mascara is required for Oktoberfest, it’s traditional.) That’s the plan anyway.

If you are also recreating an Oktoberfest this weekend or getting pumped up for one, I have just the beer and mascara for you! (Note: These two products are also enjoyable for those of you who plan to catch up on Teen Wolf and pass out at 9 pm. Just saying.)

Welcome to Happy Hour, friends!

Happy Hour essence mascara real ale

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