Aromaleigh’s More Human Than Human Collection: Review

Hey friends!

A while back Aromaleigh was having a giveaway of their upcoming “More Human Than Human” Collection, based on Blade Runner. I entered it, and I actually won the deluxe sample set! I was so excited! The only other time I have ever won a giveaway was when I was 6 and I won a Fievel Goes West VHS.


Yes, I won this. Be jealous.

Needless to say, winning this Aromaleigh Collection is wayyyyyy more exciting.

I originally wasn’t planning to purchase this collection because my eye shadow collection runneth over, but wow, the colors are gorgeous. If you’ve been on the fence about this set, you might want to check out these shadows.

And good news: for the next few days, this entire collection is on sale! 

more human than human collection(And even though I won a giveaway, all of these opinions are my own. Including that Fievel Goes West is a very bizarre movie, but I enjoyed it when I was 6).

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