I’m Back: New Year’s Resolutions for Beauty On A Beer Budget!

Hey friends!

How are you guys??? I take a week off, and I feel like I’ve been gone forever!

I’m back from my trip and happy to be blogging again!

Bodies of water and beer=good.

Bodies of water and beer=good.

I did enjoy my little break from writing, but I also found myself hanging out on beaches thinking about upcoming post ideas, so I was not too bummed to get started blogging again. (But I am a bit bummed to go back to work/school, booooo post-vacation blues.)

Anyways, I hope you all had an awesome New Year’s and are taking advantage of some post-Christmas makeup sales. I personally, love this time of year. I really like that everyone seems to get refreshed and ready to make positive changes and tackle goals.

I always set New Year’s Resolutions for myself, and I’m usually pretty good about keeping them. (Except for “Sleep More” which I’ve been resolving to do since 2009, and I’ve yet to achieve it. Maybe 2015 is the year?) Anyways, I’ve been thinking that this year I have some specific goals for the blog as well, and maybe you guys can help me keep them?

Beauty on a Beer Budget New Year’s Resolutions:
Host a giveaway
2. Be more active on social media/blogging communities
3. Write more informational posts (I love doing reviews, but I miss having the time for informational posts, like this old guy, for example).
4. Make January a “low-buy” month (I have a few exceptions, such as Solstice Scent’s Woodland Collection and Ten Three Labs’ Orphan Black Collection, but overall, I want to work with what I’ve got!)
5. Wear more glitter. All of the glitter. Glitter.

My New Year's Eve this year was probably  my best ever.

My New Year’s Eve this year was probably my best ever.

I’ve been wanting to do all of these resolutions for awhile now, but grad school has been rude. If I can accomplish them by the end of the year, I will be pretty pumped. (I can probably accomplish #5 tomorrow, TBH.)

Anyways, I just wanted to check back in after being gone so long. I have several posts planned this week, so I’m excited to get back to it! See you guys later today for a review of some of Colourpop’s most popular Lippie Stix shades!

Questions of the Day:
-How was your New Years?
-Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for yourself or your own blog?
-Did you wear glitter on New Year’s Eve? (I think we all know what my answer to this is.)