Subscription Sunday: Kiss My Sass’ Lip Addicts Anonymous- June 2015

Hey friends!

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to post today! I almost thought that too! I got caught up writing a 10 page paper, and completely forgot! However, I am here, and I have Kiss My Sass’ Lip Addicts Anonymous Monthly to share!

(Also “anonymous” is apparently a very hard word for me to spell. Just FYI. I haven’t used it in my paper once.)

So check it out!

Kiss My Sass Lip Addicts Anonymous June 2015


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Haus of Gloi: Summer 2015 Collection

Hey friends!

I am moving my regular Subscription Saturday post back a day, so I could get this post out in time for the Haus of Gloi Summer Restock tomorrow at Noon (PST) time. I just got my order last week, and was giving it a while to settle and rest, but tomorrow snuck up on me and I realied I hadn’t actually reviewed it yet!

So I’m here today to tell you about the good smells of Haus of Gloi’s Summer scents!

Check it out!

Haus of Gloi Summer Collection

I just realized I covered up the Komodo label in this picture. PHOTOGRAPHY.


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Subscription Sunday: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box-May 2015

Hey friends!

Sorry for my absence lately, you’ll never believe this, but I’ve been kinda busy. I started summer school this week, celebrated my birthday, started my summer internship, and I’m wrapping up my old job and moving into my new job!!

Due to this general wackiness, I’ve got one more post planned for tomorrow and then I’ll be taking a week off from blogging to catch my breath and get settled into all the new things I’ve got starting up this summer.

Anyway enough life events, let’s check out the Hello Waffle May Visage Box!

hello waffle may visage

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Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s Mini Mystery Bag- May 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday? I am so excited I have a three day weekend. It’s basically all I wanted for my upcoming birthday. So my dreams have come true.

I’m slowly finishing up reviews on all my May subscriptions, and today I have Rainbow Honey’s to share with you. Everything month I remind myself that I really don’t need more nail polish, but everything month they tempt me with their glittery goodness and I can’t resist.

So let’s check out May!

rainbow honey mystery bag may 2015

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Solstice Scents: Spring Collection

Hey friends!

How’s your week going?

I was rushing to try and get this review of Solstice Scents’ Spring Collection out before they closed for their vacation, but then I realized they aren’t actually restocking any Spring things until they get back in June, so it kinda didn’t matter what time I got it out.

So while you can’t actually order any of these products just yet-now you’re really ready for their June 14th return! Super ready. You can read and reflect on this review for several weeks, and give some serious introspection to these scents. You will be so prepared.

So check out Solstice Scents’ Spring Collection!

Solstice Scents Spring 2015


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Subscription Sunday: Fortune Cookie Soap Box-Summer 2015

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was very busy! I’m finally winding down with some French Fries and Orphan Black. Comfort foods.

Anyway, today I’m finally reviewing my Fortune Cookie Soap Box! Now this is actually a quarterly subscription, rather than monthly, but I felt we could squeeze it on Subscription Sunday. Especially because it smells really awesome. And it’s Peter Pan themed. So, yes, this is happening.

Check it out!

fortune cookie soap summer 2015

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Subscription Saturday: Kiss My Sass Lip Addicts Anonymous-May 2015

Hey friends!

I have a new subscription to share with you today, Kiss My Sass’ Lip Addicts Anonymous!¬†I justified trying out this subscription by telling myself that I don’t have any indie lip product subscriptions yet. And its for science. Mr. Danger and the United States Postal Service¬†are judging me. though.

Anyway, check out the subscription and let me know what you think!

Kiss my Sass Lip Addicts May 2015

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Happy Hour: Wet N’ Wild Blush & Glow Trio and Southern Tier Hop Sun

Hey Friends!

It’s the weekend! I hope you have great plans to do whatever you like to do over the next two days! I’ll be celebrating many a graduation, (including my own), and my bestie will be in town, AND for the first time in months-I have no homework! So I’m thinking it will be a good time, is what I’m saying.

For today’s Happy Hour, I’m sharing a delicious summer beer, Southern Tier’s Hop Sun Wheat Beer and my new favorite summer travel buddy, Wet N Wild’s Color Icon Blush and Glow Trio!

So let’s check it out!

happy hour hop sun wet n wild

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

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Subscription Sunday: Wantable Accessories-May 2015

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with fruitless car shopping (BOO), but then delicious beverages and good company (YAY).

I’m not ready for the weekend to end, but at least I’ll look stylish tomorrow thanks to my May Wantable Accessories Box!

Check it out!

Wantable Accessories May 2015

Wantable says the nicest things.

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