sixteen 92: Chocolate Bar Collection

Hey friends!

Hope you had a great weekend! On Saturday, I passed my pre-test for my certification/licensure test! (It’s actually kind of anti-climatic, because now I just have permission to take the actual test that counts. Yay?)

Then a friend was in town and I got to have beer flights. So I consider it a successful weekend.

Today I’m kicking off the week with sixteen92’s Chocolate Bar Collection. Yes, an indie perfume company made a perfume collection based on hot chocolate. And yes, it’s amazing.

sixteen92 also has a Winter Collection, that I’ll be reviewing in the next week, (presumably), but I had to start with the Chocolate Bar collection. Because it’s the Chocolate Bar collection. I don’t feel like we need anymore explanations about why it’s awesome.

The sample size set of this cost about $22 with shipping. I ordered it Nov. 7, it shipped Nov. 10, and I was covered in hot chocolate scents on Nov. 13. Pretty impressed with this turn around time!

Grab yourself some sugar and read on!

chocolate bar collection sixteen92

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