Solstice Scents: Spring Collection

Hey friends!

How’s your week going?

I was rushing to try and get this review of Solstice Scents’ Spring Collection out before they closed for their vacation, but then I realized they aren’t actually restocking any Spring things until they get back in June, so it kinda didn’t matter what time I got it out.

So while you can’t actually order any of these products just yet-now you’re really ready for their June 14th return! Super ready. You can read and reflect on this review for several weeks, and give some serious introspection to these scents. You will be so prepared.

So check out Solstice Scents’ Spring Collection!

Solstice Scents Spring 2015


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Solstice Scents: The Night Collection

Hey friends!

How’s it going? Since Spring has finally arrived I’ve been wanting to wear lighter scents to fit the warmer, (and more humid, where I live) weather. Enter Solstice Scent’s The Night Collection that Mr. Danger originally gave me for Christmas wayyyyy back in December. Yes, I have so many perfumes, it takes me that long to review things. 

The Night Collection is all based around Solstice Scents’ original Edge of the Night perfume, and has every variation of perfume scent style from foodie to aquatic. It’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Check out if any of these could work for you!

the night collection solstice scents

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Solstice Scents’ Woodland Collection

Hey friends!

Where I live, our Winter is an emotional roller coaster. One hour it’s in the 40’s, then by midday it’s 76 degrees outside. Then it’s raining and icing, then it’s foggy, then it’s a beautiful day, then it’s a hurricane. I don’t know. You wear lots of layers and hope for the best.

What I’m saying here is that since I don’t have the typical Winter climate or experience, I was really excited to try Solstice Scents’ Woodland Collection. First, I love their wood notes. Second, I planned to pretend I lived in a snowy, magical forest! Third, I love Solstice Scents. They have my heart. And my money.

So I grabbed a sample pack of the Woodlands Collection and a full size of Spellbound Woods, a scent they were discontinuing.

Was it a magical forest wonderland of smells? Read on!

woodland collection solstice scents

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Solstice Scents’ Foxcroft Collection

Hey friends!

Solstice Scents just released their Woodland Collection, AKA part II of their Winter Collection, this past weekend! As I eagerly await the arrival of my goodies, I thought I would share some other Solstice Scents reviews to help bide the time.

So, as many of you know, I have the coolest mommy ever. She got me samples of the Foxcroft Collection for Christmas! Since I’ve gotten obsessed with Solstice Scents, I’ve been dying to try the Foxcroft Collection, as its the fictional town that serves as inspiration for several perfumes. Plus it’s just kinda cool. I love the story created around this town, it seems like it would be such a charming and pleasant place if it was real.

Foxcroft Map: From Solstice Scents' website

Foxcroft Map: From Solstice Scents’ website

I’d probably try to get a job working at Owl Creek Aleworks.

Anyway, Foxcroft’s Autumn Collection has been one of my favorite perfume collections to date, so I was very excited to revisit Foxcroft with its original collection.

This was a gift from my mom, but the samples are listed for $14 on the website. My mom said Solstice Scents shipped quickly and arrived just as fast, which somewhat surprised her because she wasn’t so sure about the website. (She’s not used to indies yet, I’m slowly bringing her into the fold, though.) All in all, she had a good experience ordering from them, which I’ve found to be the norm for them.

solstice scents foxcroft collection

So let’s check out the scents!

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Indie Advent Calendar: Christmas Day Haul!

Hey friends!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday! Mr. Danger and I had two awesome days with both sides of our families. We are super lucky to have families who we love and enjoy spending time with, and a good time was had by all!

For the final Indie Advent Calender day, Mr. Danger threw a bunch of bath products in a box, and it was such a nice little haul with Haus of Gloi, sixteen92, and Solstice Scents products. I am a very spoiled lady!

Let’s check it out!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar: Christmas Eve-Solstice Scents

Hey friends!

I’m just going to be upfront, this is pretty much a teaser post. Please use your holiday spirit to forgive me!

We celebrate Christmas in the Danger Household, and we celebrate Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Mr. Danger’s family. Because of this when I opened my Indie Advent Calendar box for today, it was pretty cool, but I don’t have time to review it all until we get home from all the holiday fun in a few days!

However, I wanted to keep the calendar going, so I’m going to share what was in the box! I also sneaked a peek at tomorrow’s box, and it’s a nice haul, so stick around for the final day!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Indie Advent Calendar: Day 17&18: Oops!

Hey friends!

Ugh. Last night, I accepted the fact that I would not be getting caught up on the blog this week. I came home late from a Christmas party, and realized I did not have enough energy to take a shower, let alone write about how wonderful some of my new perfumes smell. (I should just shower with perfumes, and save myself some time and effort.)

Alas, this weekend will be filled with blog posts. Be on the look out for Rainbow Honey, the Glamour Dolls OTM, and more indie advent calendar!

Anyway, since I missed yesterday, I decided to combine Day 17 and Day 18, which was nice little haul of Glamour Doll Eyes, BPAL, and more! Spoiler Alert: I found out some of what was in that Solstice Scents package from the other day.

So check it out!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

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Solstice Scents’ Winter Collection: Part 1

Hey friends!!!


The only way I finished it was by bribing myself with perfumes from Solstice Scent’s Winter Collection. I’m not even joking. Every chapter that I did a revision on, I got to smell a scent and write about it. I’ve been working on this thesis for a year and my motivation was pretty low. So thanks Solstice Scents, for helping me complete it!

I’ve written about Solstice Scents before, (AKA my favorite indie perfume company, I’ll just come out and say it), I reviewed their Autumn and Autumn Festival Collections. As before, I ordered the Winter Collection on Saturday and it shipped out on Monday. Shipping itself was a bit slower than usual, (it’s that time of year, friends), but my tired, beleaguered postal service worker delivered it about a week after it shipped. (I’m getting him a Christmas gift, the poor guy is always delivering me something.)

I accidentally placed two orders because I got so excited, (I also bought Whipped Soaps in Corvin’s Apple Fest and Owlcreek Aleworks, plus a full sized Foxcroft Fairgrounds) and Solstice Scents kindly combined my shipping and refunded me the difference. They also included BOTH of the freebie samples I asked for from each order, which they did not have to do. So what I’m saying here, is customer service from Solstice Scents is amazinggggggg.

Anyway, the best part is the scents, so let’s get sniffing.

solstice scents winter collection

Thesis turned my brain to mush and I forgot how apostrophe “s” works. Ooooops.


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Solstice Scents: Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival Collection

Hey Friends!

How was your weekend? My baby brother was in town! He’s the Production Manager for a band and I got to see him and go backstage, it was fun! Also it’s the only time I’m ever VIP for anything, so I always feel pretty special.

My brother's employer.

My brother’s employer.

Hope you guys had a good weekend, too.

So. I am really bad at not blogging. I know I said here that I was taking a break, but it seems the closer I get to finishing the thesis, the more blogging I do.* This also appears to be directly connected to the fact that as the holidays get closer, more and more awesome beauty things get released. And I just can’t contain my glee, Solstice Scents’ Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival Colletion is a prime example of this!

When they released Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival, I grabbed a sample set, for about $20 with shipping. This was both a bad and good idea. Bad because I want some full sizes and their bottles are on back order, good because there were a few surprise favorites I wouldn’t have ordered in full-size originally. I bought my set when the Collection went live on the Nov. 1, it shipped Nov. 3, and I was drooling over it on Nov. 8th. Not bad!

Before I get into the scents, I am going to admit some bias right now, I have become a big fan of Solstice Scents in the past few months. Their oils work really well with both Mr. Danger’s skin chemistry and with my own. I’m not sure why this is, but of all the indies I’ve tried, SS’s perfumes smell stronger and last longer on me. Skin chemistry appears to be a fickle thing, so I highly suggest sampling perfumes before you commit, but Solstice Scents has become much beloved in the Danger Household.

Now, even though I already have some love for Solstice Scents, I did keep an open nose when testing out these scents.

solstice scents foxcroft autumn festivalDon’t you love their packaging?

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Solstice Scents: Autumn Collection Review

Hey friends!

So I spent some time debating if I was going to do any reviews of the indie perfume world I’ve dived head first into after getting a small sample in one of my subscriptions. About a month ago I didn’t know much about mainstream perfume, let alone the wide and varied range of indies.

However, in the interest of “adding to the literature” on indie perfumes, I decided to go ahead and review. (I’ve been doing too much lit review for my thesis, and it’s showing). Before purchasing any of my perfume samples, I did a bunch of google research, (more fun than thesis research), to see what I would like and not like. While there are a handful of awesome bloggers reviewing these kinds of scents, sometimes it was hard to find impressions on specific scents or brands. Hopefully I can help fill in that void!

So for my first indie perfume review, I picked a well-established brand, Solstice Scents. Given the time of year, and my love of seasonal themes, I jumped right in with their Autumn Collection (Part I, apparently).

Here’s what I thought:

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