Wantable Accessories- August 2015

Hey friends!

After taking a few months off from Wantable to save funds and enjoy the accessories I already have, I ended up grabbing a box for August. New job=new accessories. At least in my mind.

So check out what I got in my August Wantable Accessories Box!
Wantable August 2015

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Subscription Sunday: Fortune Cookie Soap Box-Summer 2015

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was very busy! I’m finally winding down with some French Fries and Orphan Black. Comfort foods.

Anyway, today I’m finally reviewing my Fortune Cookie Soap Box! Now this is actually a quarterly subscription, rather than monthly, but I felt we could squeeze it on Subscription Sunday. Especially because it smells really awesome. And it’s Peter Pan themed. So, yes, this is happening.

Check it out!

fortune cookie soap summer 2015

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Subscription Sunday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ April OTM

Hey friends!

How’s your Sunday going? Mr. Danger and I are loving the beautiful weather today, (because summer is coming), and grabbed some coffee before being ultra productive and running errands. (And then Mr. Danger passed out on the couch, so I think that burst of energy is over.)

Last night I got to finally test out my Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM eye shadow, when I went out to our favorite neighborhood pub, (which I could probably wear my pajamas to-so makeup wasn’t really necessary, but I think they were impressed with my eye look!) So today I wanted to share this lovely shade and the eye look I did with it.

Did I mention the theme? It’s pretty adorable. Check it out!

glamour doll eyes april OTM

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Visage Box by Hello Waffle: March 2015

Hey friends!

So this post technically should have come out yesterday, but my puffy eyes were not up to a photoshoot, so I moved it. But I’m here today, with a review of the March Visage Box by Hello Waffle, including a look with the products! Puffy eyes and everything!

hello waffle march visage box

The packaging was spot on for the theme this month!

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Subscription Sunday: Black Violet’s Blackbox-Clue Edition

Hey friends!

How’s the weekend treating you? I had really grown up adult expectations of going to bed early to do work on Sunday. And then Mr. Danger decided to brew and we stayed up until 1:30 in our garage, bonding with our next door neighbors, instead. Adult life choices, right here.

Due to this lack of sleep, I have a change in plans for my Subscription Sunday post. I’m pushing my Hello Waffle Visage Box review back until tomorrow morning. I hadn’t finished my FOTD look with the Visage box yet, and now that I have massive bags under my eyes, I’m going to wait until I look better to photograph my face. Vanity, thy name is Exhausted Rebs.

This means that I have a brand new subscription box to review for you today! Black Violet’s Blackbox! I’ve been stalking this box since I first heard of it’s creation in January, and I was so thrilled to grab one. It’s a mixture of skin and hair care products, plus perfume! 

There will be more slots opening in May, so check out what I thought!

black violet blackboxLove the label. All the packaging was just excellent.

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Subscription Saturday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ March OTM

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday going? I was supposed to go to an event at a local brewery today and it got rained out. I am very sad about this because now I might have to actually be productive. No. No. No.

Anyway, in good news, I was lucky enough to grab an available one month OTM from Glamour Doll Eyes, and I am here to share it with you today!

So let’s check it out!

glamour doll eyes OTM march 2015


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Ten Three Labs: Phantasmagoria Box-Projection One

Hey friends!

How’s your weekend been?

For the first time in my life, I was treated to a viewing of The Room. Written, directed, produced, released by (and starring!) Tommy Wiseau. Wow. I am pretty much an expert in bad movies, and this might be the worst movie I have ever seen. I loved it so much. If you have seen this horrific film, please share your experience with me in the comments!

Anyway. The Phantasmagoria Box. 

Ok. So this technically is not a subscription. It’s more of mystery box that Ten Three Labs will be releasing every few months or so. BUT. You could pretend subscribe? Like tell yourself, I’m going to buy this every quarter, I am subscribed to buying this.

Yeah, I’m stretching it here. But I really wanted to share this little Mystery Box with you today, so let’s just go with it.

ten three labs phantasmagoria

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Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s March Mystery Bag

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday treating you? The sun came out where I live today, and I feel a million times happier. I missed you, sun!

Anyway, in other happy news, my Rainbow Honey Mini-Mystery Bag made an appearance this week! The theme this month was previews of upcoming collections, including their big La Patisserie Collection.

Check out what I thought!

rainbow honey march mystery bag

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