Black Violet’s Aromatic Blackbox Quarterly Subscription

Hey friends!

Remember how I’m behind in my posts? Well, here’s another one for you that I’m finally getting around to posting about, Black Violet’s Black Box Subscription. I apologize for the delay, but I had to take 3 baths to do a full review of this, and that can be time consuming!

Anyway, I am here today with my thoughts on the second installment in this new quarterly subscription, so let’s check it out!

black violet blackbox

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Subscription Saturday: Aromaleigh Ephemera Box-June 2015

Hey friends!

How are you guys? I’m sorry I missed Happy Hour yesterday. I ended up binge watching Orange is the New Black and I have zero regrets about that. As I’ve stated like 60490 times, this summer is bananas for me and sometimes it’s just awesome to be lazy.

But today, it’s on! I’m swatching, and writing, and editing, and taking pictures, and writing grad school papers, and being super productive in general. (Note the priority of the grad school paper writing.) And as part of my productivity, I’m here with Aromaleigh’s June Ephemera Box, and it is swoon-worthy this month. Swoon-worthy!

So check it out!

Iaromaleigh june ephemera box

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Sixteen92’s The Circle: Summer 2015 Review

Hey friends!

Happy Memorial Day, if you live in the US! Happy Monday, if you are elsewhere in the wide world.

I’ve been trying to get this review out in time for Sixteen92’s Summer Collection Release this Friday, May 29th. I finallllly finished testing out all the perfumes, and I am here to tell you, that I am extremely impressed with this collection. Like it’s rockstar level.

This was also my first set of perfumes as a member of The Circle, Sixteen 92’s quarterly perfume subscription, so I’ll have some info on that to share.

So you should probably check it out!

Sixteen92 The Circle Summer Info

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Subscription Sunday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ May OTM

Hey friends!

How’s your weekend going? I was so lazy this morning that my dog got upset. I think she was afraid I would never leave the bed and stop reading my trashy book. (Gotta read all the bad books before grad school starts on Tuesday. Then it’s back to overpriced textbooks.) It was glorious.

Anyway, speaking of glorious, I have the May Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM to show off today. (Do you like how I vaguely connected those two paragraphs? Writing skills, friends.) It is full of glitter and amazingness. Really, this month. This month.

Check it out!

glamour doll eyes may otm

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Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s Mini Mystery Bag- May 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday? I am so excited I have a three day weekend. It’s basically all I wanted for my upcoming birthday. So my dreams have come true.

I’m slowly finishing up reviews on all my May subscriptions, and today I have Rainbow Honey’s to share with you. Everything month I remind myself that I really don’t need more nail polish, but everything month they tempt me with their glittery goodness and I can’t resist.

So let’s check out May!

rainbow honey mystery bag may 2015

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Subscription Sunday: Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet

Hey friends!

How’s your weekend going? The weather where I live has been gorgeous, so I’ve been ignoring my responsibilities working outside on my exams and papers. Because summer is coming. And it will be 103589 degrees in about a month, so I have to enjoy this beautiful-ness now.

I did take a study break to swatch my most recent Vanishing Cabinet by Notoriously Morbid, though! The theme was Game of Thrones, and I can never resist that hook.

So check out what I got!

notoriously morbid vanishing cabinet march

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Special Guest Post: Stitch Fix Review

Hey friends!

How are you on this disgustingly short Monday? (I’m not over DST yet, sorry.)

Today I have a special guest poster, one of my dearest friends, L. She offered to share her Stitch Fix review with me, and since I spend all my money on makeup and perfume instead of clothes, I thought this would be a great change of pace!

I myself have tried Stitch Fix a couple of times and found them to be hit or miss. If you get a good box, well, you saved time and effort shopping, and you probably got some nice items at a less expensive retail value. But if you get a box that’s not great, or just meh, you’re out $20. (And as a budget blogger and grad student, I feel for $20. I can do so much with $20.)

However, L, has had pretty good experiences with Stitch Fix, and I do envy her clothing from them. So she decided to roll the Stitch Fix dice again and she’s here today to share her box with us.

Check out what she got!

stitch fix review


PS: Neither L or myself are affiliated with Stitch Fix, we are just ladies who like to receive things in the mail.

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Subscription Sunday: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-March 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Sunday going? I’m not enjoying the jump ahead in Daylight Savings Time, so I’ve been protesting by taking a nap.

Today I’ve got my Aromaleigh March Ephemera Box to share with you! This has easily become one of my favorite subscriptions in the course of it’s first three months. I love the quality and color of the products we’ve been getting, and using them all in a look has been a fun little project for me.

This month’s Norse mythology themed box might be my favorite so far, Check it out below!

aromaleigh ephemera box february

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