Subscription Saturday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM- February 2015

Hey friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have I told you lately that I love you? You guys are the reason I blog! (Besides the glitter.) Thank you for being such awesome and supportive readers! And if you’re just joining me recently, heyooo and welcome! (I like exclamation points. You will learn that soon.)

Anyways, I got my February Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM a few days ago, and the theme, “Any Excuse for Chocolate” fits perfectly with today. (You guys, I’ve had so much chocolate today. For breakfast and lunch.)

Mr. Danger and I are keeping it low key today, but tomorrow we’re going to a Valentine’s Beer and Cheese Pairing at a local brewery. I’ll most likely be rocking this month’s OTM, “Not to Be Truffled With”.

So check it out!

glamour doll eyes OTM February 2015

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Darling Clandestine’s Valentine’s Day Release

Hey friends!

I feel like I’ve been spending these past few months honing my sense of smell for my first Darling Clandestine order. I’ve heard this indie perfume company offers amazing, but interesting scents. It was a challenge I had to accept. Also there’s sharks. So I was down.

After months of strenuous nose training, (insert sniffing montage), I was ready. And the day finally came to place my first order, with the release of Darling Clandestine’s Valentine’s Day perfumes.¬†

So what did I think of my first DC order? Let’s put on “Eye of the Tiger” and find out!

darling clandestine

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Haus of Gloi: Valentine’s Collection 2015

Hey friends!

I tried to get this post out super quickly, because Haus of Gloi is doing their Valentine’s restock of perfume oils, pumpkin butters, and maybe whipped soaps, this weekend on Feb. 8th. (Or that’s what I heard on the internet streets. even if this fact is incorrect, I have a feeling the restock will be soon since they’re trying to get ready for Spring.)

Hopefully, my little review of Haus of Gloi’s Valentine’s Day¬†collection can help you out if you’re interested in purchasing.

haus of gloi valentine's day collection

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Aromaleigh: Feast of Lupercal Collection Review

Hey friends!

Welllllll, if you read this blog with any sort of consistency, (and even if you just randomly stumbled on it), I think we can all agree: I don’t need anymore eye shadow.

But did we all see the previews for Aromaleigh’s Feast of Lupercal Collection? Because if we all did, then we can all agree that I needed those shadows. I needed them! It was like my Holy Grail Collection! We are talking gorgeous pinks, purples, and neutrals. This is what Rebs’ dreams are made of!

I compromised and bought deluxe sample sizes. TREAT YO SELF.

Was it worth breaking my low buy? (LOL, low buy. LOL.) Read on and find out!

aromaleigh feast of lupercal

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