Visage by Hello Waffle: December 2014

Hey friends!

Today a Solstice Scents package arrived at my house, addressed to Mr. Danger. I was very suspicious. I don’t know if this is a gift for me, or if he went shopping for himself. These are the things you ask yourself when your husband gets into indies.

Fortunately, I know the makeup purchases are still just for me. Hello Waffle’s Visage Box for December, for example, is all mine, all mine!

I was very excited about this month’s box because I really enjoyed the November Visage box, and plus I just love Hello Waffle. Her eye shadows and blushes are some of the best in the indie world right now. And I’m working on getting a doctorate in indies now, so I know. (Just kidding. that is totally a joke. I’m over higher education at the moment.)

Anyway, this subscription is closed at the moment, but there has been talk of adding more slots in future months. I pay $25 for this box, and it includes shipping, (from Canada, to my very far away state!) Each month is supposed to include everything for a complete look!

So let’s check it out!

hello waffle December visage

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