EOTD/BOTD: Hello Waffle’s Mendelssohn

Hey friends!

Oy. Tuesdays and Thursdays are bringing me down. Internship all day and class until 10pm. I’m trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, because I’m almost done with grad school. Does the light have beer? I hope so. This post has beer, at least. We can start there, with a review of Brideport’s Bear Hug Cherry Chocolate Stout.

I also have an EOTD/BOTD of an easy cheesy work look you can do when you just want to sleep or possibly never wear makeup again. (It’s not been my top priority lately, TBH.) I used Hello Waffle’s Mendelssohn, but any pretty light pink shadow will do.

So let’s check it out. (See the period there? I’m too tired for exclamation points.)

beer of the day eye of the day

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Happy Hour: Wet N’ Wild Coverall Correcting Palette and Dogfish Head Piercing Pils

Hey friends!

How’s your Friday? I’m about to enjoy my last one before Summer Semester starts, (AKA my last semester of grad school, thank you very much!), with a nice, long bubble bath. And a beer. Naturally.

To kick off Happy Hour I’ve got a really delicious pilsner by Dogfish Head and a Color Correcting Palette by Wet N Wild, that will be great for your upcoming summer adventures.

Check it out!

wet n wild coverallPlease enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly!

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Happy Hour: Wet N’ Wild Blush & Glow Trio and Southern Tier Hop Sun

Hey Friends!

It’s the weekend! I hope you have great plans to do whatever you like to do over the next two days! I’ll be celebrating many a graduation, (including my own), and my bestie will be in town, AND for the first time in months-I have no homework! So I’m thinking it will be a good time, is what I’m saying.

For today’s Happy Hour, I’m sharing a delicious summer beer, Southern Tier’s Hop Sun Wheat Beer and my new favorite summer travel buddy, Wet N Wild’s Color Icon Blush and Glow Trio!

So let’s check it out!

happy hour hop sun wet n wild

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

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Happy Hour: 3 Drugstore Neutral Palettes and Karbach’s Imperial Porter

Hey friends.

No exclamation marks today. I am dragggginnnggg. It’s been one of those weeks. A flat tire, broken appliances, 14 hour days kinda week. Oy.

But the good news is that it’s Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow! (Although most likely I’ll wake up early and swatch makeup because I am a weirdo.)

Thankfully today’s Happy Hour post is filled with beer and makeup I love. I have my 3 favorite drugstore neutral palettes and one of my favorite Imperial Porters, Karbach’s Hellfighter.

So before I pass out on this keyboard, let’s take it away to Happy Hour!

hellfighter imperial porter karbach

Please enjoy your makeup and beer responsibly.

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Happy Hour: Valentine’s Day Pink Lipstick and Banana Bread Beer

Hey friends!

Guess what!? It’s Friday! And my best friend is in town!!!!

Ahhhhhh, happiest of weekends!

My best friend and I have been besties since I was born, (She’s older by 9 months, and always had more hair.) so there will be much laughter and beer drinking this weekend. Mr. Danger already has the taps set up for her arrival.

Anyways, the weekend of the BFF kicks off Beers I ♡ Month! This month will be featuring some of my favorite beers, and some Valentine’s Day inspired makeup choices. Because hearts and pink and chocolate. Yeah, Valentine’s Day theme!

So let’s start Happy Hour!

pink lipstick and banana bread beer

Please remember to enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

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Happy Hour: 4 Drugstore Matte Lipsticks and Odell Isolation Ale

Hey friends!

I had the grandest plans to finish editing a few posts and have them up this week. Unfortunately, this week then went kind bananas and that didn’t happen. I got home late from work/grad school every night this week and passed out watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix instead. (#PARTYLIFE.) Hence, the radio silence for the past few days.

The good news is I now have a ton of posts for next week and it’s Thanksgiving week, so we’ll pretend I meant to do it. Yeah, I was planning it that way for the holiday week. Sure.

So tonight I’m studying for a big grad school licensure-type test, but I thought I would kick off this weekend with a tasty beer and some pretty drugstore matte lips. (Yes, I wear lipstick when studying. It makes me feel smart, don’t judge.)

Studying and blogging. #PARTYLIFE

drugstore matte lipstick

I was going for a winter type theme for this picture but somehow it turned into a nativity type theme instead. Oops.


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Happy Hour: 3 MLBB Matte Lipsticks and Great Divide’s Hibernation Ale

Hey friends!

It’s super cold where I live!

This is highly unusual this time of year, so I am very excited. It actually feels like fall/winter!

So I abandoned all plans of fall beers, (AKA I drank them before I remembered to photograph them), and I’m jumping straight into winter! For the next month or so I’ll be featuring winter and holiday beers, and eventually a few of my favorite stouts and porters that taste fabulous this time of year.

I’m also trying to feature some makeup products I love during the winter and holiday months, so hopefully all of that will get you into the season.

Also, I’ll plan ahead better so there won’t be creeper owls every Happy Hour. (Spur of the moment idea=creeper owls.) So no worries.

beautyonabeerbudgetThere he is.
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Happy Hour: Halloween Beauty and Beer

Hey friends!

Happy Halloween!

In case you haven’t notice, I kinda love holidays. Sometimes Mr. Danger and I make up our own because we feel like life is more fun when you have something to celebrate. That being said, there was no way I could NOT make this Happy Hour post Halloween themed.

Honestly, my Halloween costumes/plans are pretty lame this year. (Can you believe I’ve had very little time/money/graduation on my mind, and haven’t put much effort into costumes? Well, it’s true.) In the past I’ve had some good ones.

Shout out: 2012 Ms. Frizzle costume! (With Mr. Danger as Darwin-don't ask)

Shout out to 2012 Ms. Frizzle costume! (With Mr. Danger as Darwin-don’t ask)

This year I think I’m just going to my favorite beer place and I will probably be going as glitter. That’s right for Halloween, I’m going to be glitter. It will be great.

Now if you’re feeling more ambitious than me, that is good news! I have the perfect Halloween beer for you, as well as some fun, cheap Halloween makeup for a last minute costume!

happy hour

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Happy Hour: September Favorites

Hi friends!

As this post publishes, I’m practicing walking down an aisle. (AKA I am being a bridesmaid for a lovely friend/roomie from college.) With all the wedding festivities I’m involved in this weekend, I’m trying something new for my monthly favorites post. (AKA I can not make another video until after my I finish my thesis, because that business is time consuming.)

So today I’m sharing a round up of my favorite’s from this past month, some old and some new.

Let me know what you think!

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Happy Hour: Wet N’ Wild Fall Matte Lipsticks and Southern Tier’s Harvest Ale

Hey friends!

I don’t know about you guys, but this week was even more bananas for me than usual. I mean I had to write this in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget my plans for tonight.

I should have also written, "Eat French Fries". I have big plans, OK.

I should have also written, “Eat French Fries”. I have big plans, OK.

Anyway, by the time this post goes live, I should be in my pajamas, drinking a beer living up my Friday.

Speaking of things that are exciting. I had been hunting down the Wet N’ Wild Limited Edition Fall Matte Lipsticks, and I found them in a random Fergie display at my local Walgreens! I know I mentioned two of them in my Fall Trends post, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share more of the Wet N’ Wild Fall lipsticks. Because if you hadn’t heard, they are the bomb.com. Yes. I went there.

I also have the perfect seasonal beer for you. I’ve heard this rumor that in some parts of the country it’s actually feeling cooler? Since it’s still 358598 degrees where I live, I’m sticking with my Back to School Happy Hour theme for one more week. Maybe I will feel more fallish when I can actually walk into work without breaking a sweat.

Anyway let’s kick off Happy Hour!

Happy Hour WetnWild Matte Lipstick

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