Nude ‘Tude Week: A Round Up of My Favorite Tutorials

Hello Beauties,

You are about to get a real taste of my new blogging skills as I attempt to upload pictures…in technicolor!

But first!

As someone who is a beginner in makeup, I rely on the internet A LOT for help. Video tutorials are my favorite because I can watch, pause, and go, “Ohhhh….it’s a windshield motion….”.

So, I wanted to put all of my favorite Nude ‘Tude tutorials in one place! I hope this helps some other makeup newbies.

First, I love Bailey B from Making Up the Midwest’s Tutorial for the Amped Up Neutral Eye. This is a super easy eye and I think it’s a great look for a conservative work environment.

Emily from Beauty Broadcast is a lifesaver for beauty beginners such as myself. I thought this was a nice mauvy-smokey look.

I also liked this pretty shimmery look from ThatGirlShaeXO. This is another eye look I’ve worn to work I just have to be a bit careful with not making the outer lid color too dark.

For going out, I think this neutral smokey eye by MissLeslee229 is gorgeous. I just have to get the eyeliner part down.

I also found some simple looks using only 2 or 3 colors from Agape Love Designs blog. The author, Maria Isabel’s looks are gorgeous.

Agape Love Designs

the balm nudetude look and review 1 the balm nudetude look and review 5

And finally, we end with my own personal attempt at a look. I love gold and bronze colors so I wanted to do something with Seductive (once Schitzo). I think this is super simply for everyday use. I just used Sophisticated to line my lower lashes, and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara on my upper lashes, but you could take it a different direction.

Still learning this photography thing...

Still learning this photography thing…



So I hope that helps any other newbies! Let me know your favorite TheBalm look in the comments below!



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