Happy Hour: NYX and St. Arnold

Hello beauties!

Happy end of July!

So the name of my blog comes from not just the fact that I’m cheap (“champagne on a beer budget”), but also due to my love of craft beer.

Therefore I’m introducing a new feature called Happy Hour, in which I will share my favorite makeup product of the week, as well as my favorite beer!

Disclaimer: You better be 21 and up if you are reading the beer portion of this post, and please enjoy your booze and makeup, responsibly. HappyHour8-1   So, welcome to Happy Hour! Grab a drink/coffee/lipstick/whatever floats your boat. Tomorrow is Friday and I have some weekly summery favorites for you!

Makeup Product of the Week

My favorite product this week is NYX’s powder blush in Pinched.

I usually apply it on a porch. Of course.

I usually apply it on a porch. Of course.

I’ve been reaching for this blush daily this week because it adds the perfect pink summer glow to my cheeks. It’s also pretty blendable, so if when I get too heavy handed, I can use a big brush to blend it out.

I'm sorry I'm so veiny. Nurses love me,though.

I’m sorry I’m so veiny. Nurses love me,though.

You can see from my swatch that it’s definitely a bright pink, and there’s a bit of shimmer. Nothing scary, but it’s not perfectly matte. I’ve heard some bloggers call it a dupe for NAR’s Orgasm. Since I’m cheap and don’t own that blush, I can’t agree or disagree, but I know for $5.99 it’s a great deal for me.

(ProTip: Around holidays NYX often does a 40% off sale on their website, with free shipping on purchases of $25 it’s a fabulous deal. Keep an eye out!)

Beer of the Week (AKA Skip this part if you aren’t a beer fan, I promise I’m not offended.)

St. Arnold's 20th Anniversary Ale and a flower.

St. Arnold’s 20th Anniversary Ale and a flower.

This beer is a barleywine from Houston, TX with an alcohol content of 11.2% by volume. (Hold on to your fashionable britches, ladies!)

It has a malty flavor with caramel, toffee notes, and even a bit of a dark chocolate flavor. A tulip glass will bring out the aromatic flavors of the hops.

It pairs well with ice cream cake. You read that right. Ice cream cake.

I picked this beer to showcase this week because I wanted to join in celebrating St. Arnold’s 20th anniversary. They’re a great brewery with solid beers, and I love visiting them in Houston.

Now I’m not a beer doctor, so that’s my basic review, but feel free to let me know if you have more questions.

Neighbors love when you photograph things like this. Blogger tip: 154.

Neighbors love when you photograph things like this. Blogger tip: 154.

Question/s of the Day
-Are there any summer products you are loving right now?
-What about a favorite beer/cocktail/coffee drink/water you’re enjoying?
-Is it 5 o’clock where you are?



4 thoughts on “Happy Hour: NYX and St. Arnold

  1. Hello Rebs!

    It is 4:27pm here, but close enough because I am going to go drink margaritas later. I am very excited to know that NYX is cruelty free! (I found this out by Googling just now.) I will check them out; I have not used their things before. I have been into the TARTE cheek stain I got from Sephora awhile back. A nice summery glow for my paleness. (I have the NARS Orgasm also but have moved away from powder blushes the past few years. . .so I should probably throw that out because it’s hella old. How long should you keep these things? I need a post about that!)

    I have that St. Arnolds in my fridge and I cannot wait to try it. Okay bye now!

    • Hi Sparker!
      NYX is my favorite drugstore brand, they have great quality for the price, and I also love that they are cruelty free. I absolutely recommend their blushes and lip products.
      I go back and forth on cheek stain vs. powder blush. Right now I’m in a powder blush phase, but it could be because cheek stain frightens me. (I feel like it looks like war paint on me.)
      The St. Arnold’s is delicious, and that 11.2% alcohol rate sneaks up on you, so watch out!
      Love, Rebs!

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