Urban Decay Naked: 7 of the Best Tutorials!

Good morning!

There are some mornings I sit down at my vanity and I feel inspired to create an amazing eye look that dazzles and impresses.

And then there are most some mornings when I sit down and stare blankly at my ridiculous collection of makeup, completely dumbfounded at how I’m going to look like a person.

If you’ve been having mornings like the latter example, I’ve got just the thing for you!

Blow the dust and powder off your old Urban Decay Naked Palette, (the original!) and pick any of these amazing tutorials for an easy look! No thinking required!

7 Best Naked Tutorials

7 Best Naked Tutorials

To be completely fair, the Naked Palette is not exactly budget friendly. But I got it for my birthday, and I do enjoy it. (I have an obsession with neutral eye shadows that can’t be stopped.) However, I can’t leave you guys hanging, so here are some potential ways to get some money off of the palette:

From time to time, Ulta will offer a 20% off coupon and allow it to be used on Urban Decay products, so you might be able to catch it that way.

Urban Decay also does a Friends and Fanatics sale, usually in the Spring and Fall, so you if you keep an eye out for that, it might be another way to get some $$$ off. (Although Naked 3 was exempt on the last one.)

Anyway, sometimes getting your beauty on a beer budget, requires patience, (or relatives you can beg palette purchases from for your birthday.)

Now, the tutorials. Sifting through the internet’s collection of tutorials can be daunting, but I took on the task with determination and lots of eye makeup remover. The following tutorials have all been field tested by me, and are Rebs Approved. They are easy, fast, and even newbies like me can tackle them. 

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of these bloggers, I just have unending gratitude towards them for providing helpful tutorials!

Most of these Naked videos are from when the palette first came out, this is one of Bailey B’s from Making Up the Midwest earlier videos, but its still a great tutorial for a smokey eye.

This is another easy smokey eye by ThatGirlShaeXO. I had to make sure I didn’t overblend, but once I got the hang of it, this is now my go-to smokey eye look. Simple, pretty, and sexy! ThatGirlShaeXO also has a ton of other original Naked palette looks if you need more inspiration from her.

I’m probably twice the age of this blogger, laurensboutique, but she is also probably better at doing eye makeup than me. (Also maybe we both like Teen Wolf?) I enjoy her 3-in-1 look video. The second look is specifically easy for work.

This is a great, easy eye for everyday use. The blogger, TheBeautyVault, gives very easy instructions for all us newbies. She also called the viewers, “love muffins”, so make of that what you will.

Tiffany D always has easy to follow tutorials, and this one is no exception. (Girlfriend’s videos, taught me to curl my hair basically, so I’m forever grateful.)

I think this look by TheLovelyNIS is soft and romantic. You could wear it to work or on a date. Easy and versatile, works for me.

Original Image by TennesseNole

Original Image by Tennessenole

Bonus: All 3 palettes! Of all the tutorials I’ve mentioned, I actually use this look the most because I can do it in about 2 minutes. (I think I’ve mentioned that I am the slowest person in the world when it comes to eye makeup, this is practically a miracle.)

I believe the original image comes from Tennesseenole’s tumblr, (at least according to Pinterest. Hey follow me on Pinterest!) but if I’m not crediting it right, feel free to let me know. (As a grad student, I’m militant about giving credit where it’s due. Also plagiarism is illegal, yo.)

So if you are feeling uninspired or under-caffeinated this morning, hopefully these tutorials can get you moving!

Can't find a source for this image. But true facts.

Can’t find a source for this image. But true facts. This is me.

Happy Monday friends!

Questions of the Day:
-Did I miss any amazing Naked tutorials? Let me know!
-Do you have a favorite way to use the original Naked palette?
-How do you handle life on Mondays?





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