Fortune Cookie Soap: Fall 2014 Box

Hey friends!

Random Fact About Rebs: I conduct lots of studying and work in my “office.”

Where is my office you say? Oh, just my bathtub.

I. Love. Taking. Baths. It’s my quiet time. I relax or if I don’t have time for relaxing, I read my textbooks. And it’s still awesome because I’m in a bathtub.

This being said, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover Fortune Cookie Soap. There is nothing that feels more pampering and luxurious to me than some good bath products. Plus with cheeky little names like, “Unicorn Farts” and “Lemon Drop It Like It’s Hot”, I know we would get along. When I found out this company had a subscription box I was ON. IT.

This service is $19.99 and quarterly, (which is how I justified it in my mind. It’s not monthly, so, math, finances. Yeah.), and I got my first box, their Fall 2014 one last week.

Read on to find out what I got!

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014 Box

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014 Box


First, this collection is called, “Witch, Please!” Fortune Cookie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The goodies, Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014.

The goodies, Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014.

I think the amount of samples you get in this box is well worth the $19.99. The minute I got the box I could already smell the fall scents coming from inside, so this is some powerful stuff.

On a side note for other worriers like me: This was my first box and other than confirmation that I paid for it, I never got a tracking or shipment email. I was getting a little antsy, when it just appeared on my doorstep one day. (Best surprise ever.) So don’t panic, it will arrive!

Info card, detailed descriptions of every product.

Info card, detailed descriptions of every product.

Flying Monkeys Personal Space Air Freshener and Roy G. Biv OCD Hand Sanitizer

Flying Monkeys Personal Space Air Freshener and Roy G. Biv OCD Hand Sanitizer

I’m starting with these products first because they’re the ones I see myself bringing into work. And that’s my life right now. (When I’m not taking baths.)

“Flying Monkeys” Personal Space Air Freshener- The info card says this has fruity notes to it, but I mostly pick up on the jasmine the most, with the fruit as more of an afternote. That being said, I can see myself using this, I just have to make sure not to offend my coworkers by spraying the area all the time.

“Roy G. Biv” OCD Hand Sanitizer- I have a ton of hand sanitizers because people love giving them to me. (I work in a germy profession.) That being said, I’m basically a hand saniziter pro. Unfortunately, this is not my favorite. It has a strong medicinal, cleaning product scent, which I do not associate with fall or anything good. I’ll probably give it to Mr. Danger who has no sense of smell.

"Hair Flip" Hair Oil, "Green is the New Black" Whipped Cream, "Swankified" Walnut Facial Scrub, and "The Shiz" Perfume Oil

“Hair Flip” Hair Oil, “Green is the New Black” Whipped Cream, “Swankified” Walnut Facial Scrub, and “The Shiz” Perfume Oil

“Hair Flip” Hair Oil- Hair oil is pretty terrifying to me. It’s the exact opposite of what I want my hair to do. After google searching how to use hair oil, I tried putting a drop near my ends before a shower. It seemed to make my hair smoother, but I will probably pass this on to my friends with dry hair, because I am way too scared to use this on a regular basis.

“Green is the New Black” Whipped Cream- This is probably my favorite product in the entire box. This smells amazing. The info card says it is “sweet pumpkin pie filling” scented, and it is completely accurate. This product could be dangerous because I also want to eat it. Not it’s intended use.

It's soft and creamy and NOT edible.

It’s soft and creamy and NOT edible.

“Swankified” Walnut Facial Scrub- I’m under strict dermatologist’s orders to not use any kind of scrub on my face at the moment, so instead I tried it on my hands to see if it would soften them up. It had a nice vanilla scent and seemed to work, so the scrub will stick around.

“The Shiz” Perfume Oil- I haven’t heard anyone use the word, “shiz” in a long time. Way to bring it back, FCS. Anyway, this is not normally a scent I would use for perfume, but I actually kinda like it. It’s very earthy and woodsy, and does work with the fall theme.

"Miss Popular" Bubble Bath Powder, "There's No Place Like Home" Fortune Cookie Soap

“Miss Popular” Bubble Bath Powder, “There’s No Place Like Home” Fortune Cookie Soap

“Miss Popular” Bubble Bath Powder- Two facts: 1. I am basically a bubble bath connoisseur, so I have high expectations. 2. I only used half the bag of this. These two facts led me to be a bit disappointed in this bubble bath. It smelled very nice initially, floral and sweet, but the bubbles were a bit sad and small, they dissolved in about five minutes. Maybe if I had used more of the bath powder I would have had better results, but this did not meet my high standards of bubble bath.

“There’s No Place Like Home” Fortune Cookie Soap- This is their namesake product, and I think it’s the bee’s knees. Note, I haven’t actually used it yet, because it’s so pretty, I’m afraid to touch it. But it does smell fantastic, like cinnamon apple cider, and I may never use it because I just like looking at it. Also check out my fortune,

Wise words.

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” Wise words, Fortune Cookie, wise words.

Conclusion: I think you get a lot of awesome little products for only $20, making this fit into my beer budget. I love little pampering purchases and this will be a treat for when I work in my “office”. AKA my bathtub.

Also now I’m putting it away until Fall because I believe in a strict observation of the seasons. I’m a weirdo, guys.

Questions of the Day:

-Have you tried Fortune Cookie Soap products before? Thoughts?
-Have you ever wanted to eat a bath product?
-Do you strictly observe the seasons? Or do you not mind a Pumpkin Spice Latte in August?




6 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Soap: Fall 2014 Box

  1. I meant to subscribe to this after I saw the summer box, but thought I’d wait just a bit. Ugh! I forgot and now I’m upset I missed this box. I need to just go ahead and subscribe so I’ll be sure to get the winter box.

    • I’d been on the fence about trying this box, but I definitely say go ahead and try it! I think the Winter Box is going out around October 10th, so you’ve got some time to sign up.

      They also have few things from the collection on sale now in their store. A lot of things sold out, but they said they mean to restock, so you might be able to catch some of the products the way!

      Hope you like them!

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