September 2014 Face Off: Birchbox Vs. Ipsy

Hey friends!

Happy Monday! (I think.)

I hope you had a great weekend. I actually left my house to do things other than work and grad school! (Naturally I used this as an excuse to wear all of the glitter.)

Mr. Danger and I went with some friends to the Oddball Fest Comedy Tour to see Hannibal Buress and Louis C.K. We got lawn tickets for $20 each on Groupon, so it was definitely a fun beer budget night. (Except for the craft beer being served at the festival at $13 a beer. OMGWTFNO.)


Those are not our heads. Just so you know.

Anyway, enough about my adventures. I know you’re really here for the latest blood-thirsty show-down between the two cheapest beauty subscriptions on the block: September 2014 Birchbox Vs. Ipsy Face/off!

No. Not that Face Off. I give up. The caffeine has gone straight to my head.

I think Birchbox is John Travolta and Ipsy is Nic Cage. Thoughts?

Disclaimer: Neither Birchbox nor Ipsy are affiliated with me or my Face/Off references. All opinions are my own.)

Birchbox, $10

Birchbox September 2014

I never got a shipping email from Birchbox and my account wasn’t showing anything about my box, so around the 16th I started to panic, and emailed them. They emailed me back the next morning with a link to the tracking, and the box showed up the next day. Shipped on the 10th, arrived on the 17th. Ipsy won this month on delivery time, but I give Birchbox +.5 for quick customer service response

Birchbox was celebrating their 4 year anniversary this month, and the packaging was adorable. I also got my box addressed to me as, Rebs “You’re The Tops” Danger. Yes, I enjoy when subscription boxes stroke my ego. +2 Birchbox’s pretty box totally beats Ipsy’s weird bag this month and I appreciate that Birchbox includes an info card.

birchbox sept 2014
I apparently picked the Fashionista box this month, I don’t remember doing this at all, so it was a nice surprise. (Not blaming Birchbox for this, I haven’t been sleeping very much, which means I’ve been doing weird things like putting my keys in the fridge and ordering Fashionista boxes.)

Birchbox Sept 2014

Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner, dr. brandt Pores No More Vaccum Cleaner, Naobay Body Radiance Lotion.

Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner, Full Size, $15-33
As someone with ridiculously oily hair, I was fully prepared to hate this. I waited until the weekend to try it in case it turned my hair into pirate- style greasy strands. However, I was pleasantly surprised that my hair not only felt clean after using it, but also very soft. I don’t think I could use it daily, (I noticed my hair’s volume didn’t hold up as long as it usually does), but it might be nice to use this a few times a week. +1 for soft hair, and nice 2 in 1 action!

dr. brandt Pores No More Vaccum Cleaner, Full Size, $45.
First, I don’t like that this is named Vaccum Cleaner, the image of a vaccum cleaner sucking up clogged pores bothers me for some reason. Second, I’ve used this a couple of times and I think my pores are a bit smaller? But I don’t know if I’m just imagining it? I might have to report back. +0.5 for maybe working? I’m confused.

Naobay Body Radiance Lotion, Full Size, $24.
I was excited that this was natural and organic, but I absolutely hated the smell. I tried to get used to it, but all I could smell was Citronella candle. As a lotion, it seems to be pretty lotiony. Nothing special. +0 for mosquito repellent smell

Cynthia Rowley Silver Eyeliner and Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara

Cynthia Rowley Silver Eyeliner and Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara

Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara, Full size, $24.
Sorry Laura Mercier, no matter how many adjectives you give to this mascara, it’s still just a mascara. It’s not bad by any means, but it’s not amazing. I would never pay for a full size one. I know several drugstore mascaras that work just as well, so I’ll just be enjoying this little sample until it’s gone. +1 it does what it’s supposed to do, but that name is excessive

Cynthia Rowley Silver Eyeliner, Full Size, $16.
This might be the best packaged eyeliner I’ve ever seen. As an eyeliner, it’s creamy and easy to apply, and I haven’t had any issues with transferring. The silver color is pretty and stylish if you’re going for the metallic fall trend, (that I mentioned here, I’m so on it for once!) Wouldn’t pay full price for this, but I’ll enjoy the sample. +1 for easy application

Nice pencil tip

Nice pencil tip

Cynthia Rowley Silver Eyeliner Swatch

Cynthia Rowley Silver Eyeliner Swatch

Final Birchbox Score:6pts (Beating their score from last month, good job, BB!)

Ipsy, $10

september 2014 ipsy


I got an email with my tracking number on September 8th, and my little pink bag showed up on September 11th. I was so shocked, because for once my bag didn’t spend 5 days sitting in Grand Prairie, Texas! +1 for fast shipping!


Aside for my normal adorable pink bag, I was not a fan of this month’s bag. Weird fake grey leather with studs might have been cool for me when I was an emo high school kid in 2003, (I’m internet old), but it’s not a good look for me now. I understand that the overall theme was “Street Style”, but fun fact: I apparently have none if this bag is any indication. +0 for bag style 

September 2014 Ipsy


ipsy september 2014

Ipsy September 2014

Hikari Lipstick in Cararnet, Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder, and Pacifica Nail Polish in Red Red Win

Hikari Lipstick in Cabarnet, $13

I think I got this in full size, and it might be my favorite product in the bag. It applies smoothly and has a red-berry finish. It’s not long lasting, but I think it’s a great fall color and will probably use it this season. +1 for the value of the sample and pretty color

hikari cabernet swatch

On the lips

Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder, $12
This seems to be another full size product. I usually use Bare Minerals Mineral Veil to set my face products, (one of my only splurge items), when I switched to this powder for testing purposes, I didn’t notice a difference. Which is actually a compliment because this powder is about half the price of BM, so I’m pretty pleased. +1, good deal for an effective powder.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in Red Red Wine, $9
Another full sized product in my bag this month, nice job Ipsy! You get a bonus +1 for that! This nail polish went on very smoothly and was easy to apply, the color is nothing special for me, but it’s still pretty. I would count this as a +1, because I will wear the polish at some point this season.

Pacifica 7 Free Red Red Wine Swatch

Red Red Wine Swatch

Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream and Nourish Organic Moisturizing Face Wash

Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream and Nourish Organic Moisturizing Face Wash. Also I just noticed a dog hair on the face wash. That’s the kind of person I am, thnx.

Mitchell and Peach, Luxury Hand Cream, full size appears to be $27 in USD.
I don’t love or hate this. It’s a hand cream. The scent is not offensive or amazing. My hands appear to look the same. I’m going to give it +0.5, because it’s meh.

Nourish Organics, Moisturizing Organic Face Wash, full size, $14.
I was excited to try this, because my Derm’s new facial regime has changed my oily skin into combination skin. For the first time in my life, I actually need moisture (WHAT) instead of being a natural source of oil. However, I didn’t really notice anything special about this face wash. Again, it’s not hateful, but it’s just ok. +.5 for being organic.

Final Ipsy Score: 6pts! (If I did my math right, halfway through I started getting distracted by my nail polish. It’s Rainbow Honey’s Asteroid B, don’t judge.)

We have a tie this month!

Congratulations to Ipsy and Birchbox for scoring equal points on my completely arbitrary made up point system! I guess the real face off will have to wait until October.

Not sure who to credit this image with.

Not sure who to credit this image with.

Questions of the Day:
-Do you think there really was a tie? Or was one box better than the other and my point system failed?
-What did you get in your subscriptions this month?




4 thoughts on “September 2014 Face Off: Birchbox Vs. Ipsy

  1. I got the same birchbox as you (and I didn’t remember selecting it either!) I love the hair cleanser, but I think I’m allergic to something in the pore mask as it caused my face to turn fire engine red (a good color on nails, bad color on skin…)

    • Oh no! Yeah, painful red is not a good color on any one! I didn’t have a reaction, literally. Nothing has happened from using that pore mask. I’m just going to stick to my Freeman’s masks, which are like $4 and smell great.

      I think my favorite product in the whole box was the eyeliner. Random, but true. I have a hard time finding eye liners that don’t transfer and I like this one.

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